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TLH – The Last Supper Podcast


This weekend’s Last Hurrah is now available online, download it and subscribe to the show via iTunes.

Christ is coming to town, he should be here around 8. In the meantime, he’s tasked John (Kevin Cole) with setting up his last meal. Unfortunately it’s off to a rough start as Judas (Christine McQuaid) forgets the bread and Thomas (Caitlyn Joy) neglects to bring the wine. This, all made the more troubling as Mary (Katie Rattigan) is expected to arrive at any minute and you know how she can be. Can this group of disciples nail it together before Jesus arrives?
Based off the works of Dan Brown


Caitlyn Joy
Christine McQuiad
Katie RattiganEpisode Writers:
Kevin Cole
Christine McQuaid
Emily Perper
Katie Rattigan

Stage Manager:
Emily Perper

Join us for the next show Sunday April 19th at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre.

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This Weekend on The Last Hurrah (and a Recap of the Past Month)


On January 31st at 8 p.m. the Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) will present The Last Hurrah’s “Everything You Need To Know About The Big Game”. The Last Hurrah cannot clarify which “Big Game” it’s talking about, due to the NFL’s legal crackdown, but you can probably guess. Join a panel of comedians as they check for deflated balls, blow millions on big-budget commercials and prove once and for all which team is the best. It’s the best way to enjoy the big game, prior to spending a night yelling at a television while enjoying the big game.

In the past, nearly 100% of Last Hurrahs have occurred on a Sunday, but we knew people wouldn’t show when we went up against the Big Game (you literally can’t drop SB in any form of advertisement) so we were fortunate enough to snag a Saturday night spot! If you live in Frederick, MD come join the fun live!

Previously on The Last Hurrah…


Tensions are high on The Last Hurrah this week, as Kevin Cole and panelists Andrew Michaels , Christine McQuaid and Laura Stark discover their emails have been hacked by an anonymous outside source. But if they can put their differences aside they may here a comedic pitches from the show’s new Comedy Intern and then sit down with Bud and Doug from Gutenberg: The Musical: The Revival!

Download the episode here.

Depression Poster

On this week’s The Last Hurrah, Giovanni Kavota takes over as host but is having a hard time getting into the spirit of the show… that is until his wild Grandpa shows up to show him the way. Leading to more cheer, Gio welcomes panelists DC Cathro, Andrew Michaels and Christine McQuaid, the three discuss comic books and Andrew’s past as uncovered in envelope time capsule. How does Andrew’s life hold up the one he once lived? Is he really that into comic books? And will we finally find out what the funniest word is? It’s all on this week’s Last Hurrah!

Download the episode here.


This week, Kevin returned to The Last Hurrah to find out who how everyone’s resolutions had been going. Joined by Bobby Martin, James McGarvey and Christine McQuaid they discovered that most of them had resolved to be less of a jerk to one another. They then turned their attention to Bobby who would be fleeing for Ireland in matter of days. What could a man who claimed not to have a single resolution do with his life? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

Download the episode here.

Learn more at LastHurrahLive.com

The Last Hurrah Presents A Survivalist’s Guide To The Holidays


The Last Hurrah returns to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre this Sunday at 7pm for some free Christmas Comedy in the heart of Frederick Maryland. This week, The Last Hurrah takes to the MET’s mainstage to present a Survivalist’s Guide To The Holidays. Everything you could ever hope to know about celebrating the season while living off the grid. Please refrain from bringing any government tracked devices to this week’s show as we kick off the holiday season!

Special Guests include:
Christine McQuaid, Giovanni DeVal Kavota and the long awaited return of Karli Cole

Listen to past episodes of The Last Hurrah here:

The Last Hurrah: Ghosts 10/5


As promised, The Last Hurrah is keeping the Okt/Oct/Aucht in Octoberfest with three weeks of spooktactular shows! It all kicks off on October 5th with Ghosts. Host Kevin Cole will be joined by Laura Stark (The Comedy Pigs) for an night of ghost stories and comedy! And if all ghosts according to plan, a special guest may just swing by for a visit.

Do you have a ghost story you’d like to share? Come on down and share it with us!

The Last Hurrah is taking place Sunday, October 5 at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre and admission is completely free!

You can listen to past episodes here:

But by all means, join our audience for once why don’t ya!

UPDATE: Christine McQuaid is unable to make it this week, but she will be on the show on Oct 12th for our Monsters special.

Click here to RSVP on facebook!

Last Hurrah Line-up 7/20

Last Hurrah Poster

This Sunday at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, The Last Hurrah kicks off their first performance. Join as Kevin Cole as he attempts to lay out the premise and feel for this conversational comedy show. This week’s panelists include Annual writers Andrew Michaels and Scott Traversas well as long time Comedy Pig Laura Stark. Karli Cole will return with an update to last week’s Yik Yak so that we can help Robert Martin quit his job. Plus, a special performance from The Comedy Pigs!

So join us Sunday, July 20th at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre (31 West Patrick St. Frederick, MD)

And download past episodes of The Last Hurrah on iTunes!