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The Annual #7 Now Available!

Annual007CoverThe Annual #7 is being printed as we speak! So, what does the first Annual of the new year hold? How about a fascinating interview with Greg Proops, Whose Line cast member and Smartest Man in The World. But it doesn’t end there, The Annual #7 is more than 6 pages long and it brings the anticipated return of Animals Fighting, and the conclusion of Briana Haynie’s Oral History of Sea Tea Improv. Still not sold? Do you like Twitter? Groundhog Day? In/Out Lists and self-referential humor? Because The Annual#7 has all of that!

So order your copy today!

The Annual #5 OUT NOW!

The Annual #5 has arrived!

So how do you know if this issue of The Annual is for you?

Well perhaps you’re a fan of Ron Funches, or you have a comedy nerd appreciation for improv/live in Connecticut and have been supporting a group known as Sea Tea since it’s inception. Maybe you enjoying sitting on your butt and analyzing different types of laziness rather than doing something productive. It could be that you’re in need of some completely serious advice, headed back to school, or wandering about the day-to-day life of a Murse. All in all, we’re guessing you like to laugh, perhaps comedy is your thing and here’s your chance to support independent comedy and to have a nice printed magazine sit on the back of your toilet for two months as you slowly thumb through it.

If any of this seems of interest to you please CLICK HERE to order your copy of The Annual #5. You can buy past issues as well for only $2.

Annual #4 Now Available!


The Annual’s long anticipated IMPROV ISSUE (also known as Issue #4) has arrived!

It’s jam packed with some great material. An exclusive interview with Colin Mochrie, an Oral History of Sea Tea Improv, and special contributions from Improvisors Thomas Scholtes, Greg Yates, Stephen Kadwell and Just ‘Chute Me. To sweeten the deal, you’ll find plenty of original material from The Annual’s dedicated staff of writers. So much material that some of it had to be save for Issue #5! Give it a read and learn about mosquitos, summer movies and the best ways to handle awkward situations. All this and more in The Annual #4!

As an added bonus, since our July issue arrived BEFORE JULY we are offering

FREE SHIPPING on orders placed before July 1st!


(Order past issues for $2!)

Annual #003 available for PREORDER!

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 12.31.57 AM

Issue 3 of The Annual will be available on May 7th!

If you don’t have a subscription, now’s your chance to preorder a copy for yourself. Even better, preorders come with FREE SHIPPING!

So plop down $5 and get ready for the newest Annual including our exclusive interview with Tom Cotter as well a Table of Contents, Buddy Purucker’s Annual Manual and the continuation of Animals Fighting!