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The Annual Graduates Giveaway!



Lets face it, this economy is crap, and you don’t have jobs or the money for magazine subscriptions. But at least you could laugh off your unemployment with a bi-monthly humor magazine.

So this week we are giving away TWENTY free one year subscriptions to The Annual!

Simply send an email with your name and address to theannualcontact@gmail.com with the subject line “FAFSA”. The first twenty readers to do so will get a free years subscription, those who submit AFTER the first twenty will receive a special discount code to use on any item in The Annual Store!

Good luck out there Grads, we’re pulling for you (mostly because we are also graduates, who are also broke so by pulling for you, we can pull for ourselves)!

UPDATED 6/3 1pm: Turns out you can’t do full 100% discounts on Big Cartel. So we’ve reworked the giveaway to be email based.