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Good Times – What is Hanukkah?

Christmas isn’t the only holiday this month, that’s why we say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! On today’s special segment of Shalom Y’all we talk to our friend Sarah to learn what Hanukkah is all about!

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This week on The Last Hurrah (12/15)

Kick off your week right with our newest episode!

64 – The Last Night of Hanukkah

This week on The Last Hurrah, we are joined by Adam Eisenstadt, a friend of the show and notable jewish person! We talk about his experiences with Hanukkah, play a little dreidel, sing a little songs and figure out what a jewish candy cane would look like.

Adam Eisenstadt
Thomas Huenger
Christine McQuaid

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Then, swing by the Maryland Ensemble Theatre for…

The 2015 Christmas Special (Dec 20)

Candy canes and jingly bells! The Last Hurrah Christmas special is coming to town! So bring your eggnog and gather ’round as we host the last episode of 2015!


The fun starts this Sunday at 7pm!