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Issue #001 Now Available!

Issue #001 Now Available!

After a long Kickstarter campaign and a lot of hard work, The Annual #001 is now available!

Within you will find interviews with John Safran and Nick Pupo. As well as some Completely Serious Advice with Sam Walker, The Grand Opening of Stuff-a-Squirel, the never-before-seen first draft of Taken 2 and a little thing called Animals Fighting.

Make sure to order your copy today!

The Annual: Now accepting submissions!

As promised in our kickstarter campaign, The Annual will be printing 5 submissions per issue!

These submissions can be ANYTHING! Comic strips, prose, poetry, whatever tickles your fancy. So send in whatever you’ve got to:


We’ll give it a read, and if it tickles our fancy it may just be published in our first issue!

Kevin Cole: Woody Allen is 77!?


Were you aware of that? You might not be. After all, he was only 76 yesterday.

Sarah Silverman’s a year older. Richard Pryor’s been gone for some time, but he’d be a year older if were he still with us.

Oh, and appropriately enough The Annual reached it’s goal of $1,500 just this morning. Perhaps the Comedy Gods smile upon December 1st, it would certainly seem that way. 

It’s strange to articulate how this feels, which creates an emotional layer of strangeness upon strangeness. I’ve never done something like this before. When pitching a new humor magazine in a world where print is on the decline there’s a level of uncertainty as to whether or not your project will ever see the light of day. This paired with my Allen-grade Neurosis that would tap on my shoulder, five days into the campaign, 45% funded and tell me there was no way we’d raise the remaining $900 in time. Yet The Annual has surpassed our goal with 13 days remaining. 

It feels incredible. It’s what I imagine Dan Harmon felt like after Remedial Chaos Theory was so well received. Suddenly this strange humor magazine written by a bunch of relative unknowns has some degree of a following, enough of a following to validate it’s physical existence. 

The Muppets once sang that “If just one person believes in you…” and now more than ever that song rings true. One person on the Kickstarter staff believed in us enough to make The Annual their Project of the Day. Every person who gave whatever amount, and every person who didn’t but just as easily spread the word around. The Annual wouldn’t exist without these people and I am immensely thankful for these people. People who believe in comedy and laughter. This is starting to get sappy, but I owe that to the donors right?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get to work uncovering Obama’s college transcripts and passport information, as promised. 

Happy Birthday Woody, Sarah, Richard, and anyone else celebrating a birthday today!

Kevin Cole: Woody Allen is 77!?