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The Last Hurrah 17 – Reclaiming Thanksgiving

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Episode 17 of The Last Hurrah is now online! You can click the picture above to listen!

This weekend came to a close with a Commercially Early Christmas Special that was cut short when Giovanni Kavota and his band pro-thanksgivers (Callan Holderbaum and Scott Travers) payed a visit to the show to reclaim the holiday. The group sat down and hatched a scheme to resurrect Thanksgiving, making it a brand holiday that will no longer be skipped in favor of Christmas. One way to celebrate Thanksgiving, a new holiday sketch show called “Crab Over Turkey” and Gio, Cal, and Isabel Duarte gave us an improvised taste of the show.


Join us next week when Christmas comes early to The Last Hurrah, Sunday Nov 9th, 7pm at The Maryland Ensemble Theatre (31 West Patrick St. Frederick, MD)!