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This Week on The Last Hurrah: Butt Chugging and Coachella

Kick off your week with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

75 – Butt Chugging Blaine Young

We’re not going to lie, this week’s episode starts off strong (namely with a discussion of butt chugging) but that’s what happens when you come back from hiatus, right? After that, we play catch-up with some news that Kevin and Thom didn’t get to discuss during their absence, namely, the biggest prostitution scandal to ROCK Frederick county! Robert Martin and Katie Rattigan join the fun!

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With the Maryland State Primaries just around the corner (April 26th) we’ll be getting out the vote and courting local politicians. But if they want our vote, they’ll need to stick to something we care about… COACHELLA! This week, the Last Hurrah hosts The Coachella Primaries!


No Hurrah this weekend/Kirby Delauter’s Fan Fiction

Following recent comments made by Kirby Delauter we uncovered his hidden stash of Frederick County Council Fan Fiction.

In the interest of local politics, Jan Gardner’s executive order was placed against Blaine Young, not Kirby Delauter. 

The Last Hurrah will return on June 6th, but perhaps the video above will help hold you over while we develop our non-stop run of summer shows!

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This video is a work of Satire, which, much like parody and journalism is protected under the first amendment.

TLH – Keep Books in Libraries -or- Graduation

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This week, we took a look at graduations and education with special guests Prof. Katie Fulfer and Damon Norko, two local teachers. We discussed how to bring books back to Hood College and the benefits of hosting a musical classroom. We also spent some time establishing a new tiny biker gang in Frederick and uncovering Kirby Delauter’s secret stash of County Council Fan Fiction.
Isabel Duarte
Katie Fulfer

Damon Norko

Special Guest:
Karli Cole
Christine McQuaid
Episode Writers:
Kevin Cole
Isabel Duarte
Christine McQuaid
Emily Perper

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