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This Week on The Last Hurrah – Dance For Me!

Kick off your week with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

79 – Dance for Me

While stuck at work, Kevin, Christine and Isabel attempt to get psyched for the summer, discussing theme park mishaps, summer shenanigans, and sugar daddies.

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Then, swing by the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday June 5th for a whole new adventure!

This week, the fun continues with Kevin Cole, Thom Huenger, Christine McQuaid and more as the gang tries to make sense of life and whatever nonsense comes with it.


Tonight’s Last Hurrah (1/10) CANCELLED

We at the Last Hurrah are terribly sorry to announce that tonight’s show has been cancelled due to a city-wide power outage paired with our crippling fear of the dark. We will return to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on January 24th and are working on getting a web-exclusive episode to you all shortly.

Best regards,
That Stone Cold Pack of Weirdos at The Last Hurrah

TLH – Sports Madness

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This weekend’s Last Hurrah is now available online, download it and subscribe to the show via iTunes.

Finally, the Last Hurrah does a sports show that isn’t a fiasco. No need worry about people not understanding football until the discussion turns to how our parents gave us the sex talk. This week, we perfected the formula and brought the heat! This episode is for you, fake sports fans! Not sure how to dress for sports? We’ve got the attire guide and we’ve got levels upon levels of competition to keep your blood pumping. You may not be able to see it all, but you can still print out your own bracket to play along at home.
Giovanni Kavota
Christine McQuiad
Katie RattiganFeaturing:
Chris McQuaid (guest competitor)

Episode Writers:
Kevin Cole
Christine McQuaid
Emily Perper
Katie Rattigan

Stage Manager:
Emily Perper

Join us for the next show Sunday March 29th at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: No Last Hurrah This Sunday

Due to a wild schedule that evening at the MET and a series of bizarre events in our own lives we felt it best to hold off this week. In most cases I (Kevin) would hunt down a guest host, but that’s when the bizarre life events kicked in, after reflecting on this and the combination of the two other events scheduled to take place in the theatre that evening, I determined it would be easiest for everyone if we sat this weekend out. We shall return to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Nov 23rd with the most insane Thanksgiving special to ever be forcefully birthed into existence!

We will attempt to get a web-exclusive episode out on iTunes sometime in the next few days, so if you haven’t already, please subscribe to and rate the show.

Last Hurrah Line-up 7/20

Last Hurrah Poster

This Sunday at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, The Last Hurrah kicks off their first performance. Join as Kevin Cole as he attempts to lay out the premise and feel for this conversational comedy show. This week’s panelists include Annual writers Andrew Michaels and Scott Traversas well as long time Comedy Pig Laura Stark. Karli Cole will return with an update to last week’s Yik Yak so that we can help Robert Martin quit his job. Plus, a special performance from The Comedy Pigs!

So join us Sunday, July 20th at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre (31 West Patrick St. Frederick, MD)

And download past episodes of The Last Hurrah on iTunes!