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10 States Suing the White House over Bathroom Rights And The Problems They Should Be More Concerned With

In addition to North Carolina, ten new states have sued the White House for requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that pairs with their gender identity. While the majority of these states could better spend their resources building anti-tornado defense systems, here are the larger issues affecting each one.


Child murder is rampant in Alabama, or to be more specific, murderous children are rampant in Alabama. It’s such a pressing issue that the state has instituted a new law pertaining to how much time juveniles with a life sentence must face before becoming eligible for parole. Perhaps this explains their stance on the bathroom usage, you never know who will be a murderer, so why not pre-emptively punish the children you’re weirdly afraid of as opposed to the sociopaths you should be afraid of.


Savannah, Georgia is a city that frequently finds itself in the nation’s top ten most haunted lists. Georgians aught to protect children by ensuring the can even get to a bathroom before the sight of ghost causes them to pee their pants. The solution? Gender-fluid Ghostbusters.


Yes, the state that sanctions Mardi Gras is upset over bathroom usage. Every year, Louisiana hosts one last chance at absolute revelry before Ash Wednesday, one crazy night to get all your sinnin’ in. Think of it like The Purge Lite. If this degree of partying is legal, why cares where people are pissing?


Maine’s stance on the bathroom issue should come to no surprise as the state’s governor is the human equivalent of that XOJane article where a writer professed glee over a friend’s suicide. Here’s his defense on striking down a bill that would have made a successful anti-overdose drug readily available: Naloxone does not truly save lives; it merely extends them until the next overdose. Perhaps Maine’s big problem is heroin addiction, but more likely it’s the nihilist they’ve elected to govern the state. If death is inevitable, why not enjoy life while using the bathroom you feel most comfortable in? Seems as if Maine should focus on their rampant death problem, as all who visit the state will eventually die.


It’s surprising that a state named after a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical would be so set against extending rights to the LGBTQ communities. Perhaps if this issue is a true burden to Oklahomans, they should devote their time to closing every theatrical venue in the state and then suing the Rodgers and Hammerstein organization for vastly misrepresenting their state as jovial land where cowboys dance throughout the day.


Let’s just say this state should be less worried about what bathrooms the students are using.


A logical move for the state that almost elected a woman who believes President Obama to be a gay prostitute to their Board of Education. For Texas, this would be another step towards controlling their citizens and keeping their kids in line. We wouldn’t deny Texas the right to be who they are (even though that seems to be their biggest problem) so stay the course Texas and fight to have that woman placed on the Board of Ed, you deserve it.


Believe it or not, Utah is the country’s least racist state, which makes their stance on bathroom issues somewhat surprising. If they plan to have any hope of justifying their stance, they should concern themselves with becoming more racist, work together to find some consistency.

West Virginia

In the late 1960s, the small town of Point Pleasant, WV was plagued with sightings of an entity that came to be known as the mothman. These sightings reached an apex shortly before the Silver Bridge collapse over the Ohio river. The event that killed 46 people and afterwards this the mothman vanished. No one knows what became of the mothman or its origins but the state of West Virginia would be wise to allocate serious resources to researching this creature before they research what’s in people’s pants.


A recent study has shown that Wisconsin is the least courteous state in the country. Maybe if they spent less time policing bathrooms they would be seen in a more favorable light. Say “please” and “thank you” a little more often, really focus on manners for a year and then reexamine your stance on federal bathroom policies.



Across the internet, the rallying cry of a generation has emerged: MAKE IT GAYER! they shout, from #GiveElsaAGirlfriend to #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend it’s time that these characters hook-up with someone of the same gender identity. Representation is important, but why must that it be limited to the purely fictional. What we need is homosexual representation in the real world, which is why it’s the perfect time to #GiveHillaryAGirlfriend.

What more inspiring visage for LGBTQ youth could their be than to pair our first female president with a first lady? Up until now, Hillary Clinton hasn’t seen much viral success, but with #GiveHillaryAGirlfried she could become an internet sensation, giving her the strength to break away from Donald Trump as they grow closer in the polls.

Of course, there will be plenty of naysayers, those who believe Hillary should stick to political canon which dictates that she has been a lifelong heterosexual, married to former President Bill Clinton since 1975. However, even Hillary was canonically opposed to same-sex marriage until 2013. Perhaps as characters grow, they can have a change of heart and given the fluid nature of sexuality it is entirely possible that she could find herself attracted to someone of the same gender. Bill was a great addition to the Hillary Clinton saga, he added an incredible dramatic plot line in the late 90s, but it’s time to retire the character for something hotter. If the polls reflect that the people really want to #GiveHillaryAGirlfriend then perhaps that will nudge her in the right direction, as it has on so many other important issues. It’s time that we unite as a party and proclaim “I’m with her and also her!”

Kevin Cole

5 Easter Egg Designs You Can Use To Come Out To Your Parents

The Easter holiday can be a rough time to return home. It bares all the family-get-togethers that come with Thanksgiving but it plays host to even more bizarre traditions. Luckily, we have designed a way to use these traditions to your advantage and open up about who you really are…

Rainbow Egg1. Classic Rainbow

The rainbow is a perfectly colorful design for a perfectly colorful holiday. While a symbol of LGBTQ Rights, it also blends in perfectly with any other egg your family members may have designed. This enables you the freedom to tell your parents about how gay you are, while not saying a word to your homophobic aunt.

Fabrege Egg

2. Faberge Egg

The bedazzled, antique design of a Faberge Egg is something that is sure to tell you parents to handle with care. You’re proud of who you are and are ready to be as flashy as you want to be, but you’re still delicate and mom and dad need to handle this the right way. Otherwise, you may be forced to flee home for Russia (a country that’s notably anti-LGBTQ, but it can’t be as bad as this house)!


3. The “Go Ahead, Break Your Mother’s Heart” Egg

The design packs the least amount of work but twice the emotional punch. By taking this route, you’re also admitting that it’s time to be open about converting to atheism. “Oh, well I guess you won’t need any Jellybeans this year either!” One parent may shout and as the other asks how you “went astray” simply respond “College.”

Rabbits Egg

4. Bunny Love

“What’s the cute pink blob?” your grandmother will likely ask, opening the door for a biology lesson. Explain to her that it’s actually two cute bunnies making their own Easter Eggs, except that it would impossible – not because bunnies don’t make eggs, but because these particular bunnies are both male.

Cameron Eggposito

5. The Cameron Eggsposito

You don’t have to be Rhea Butcher to love Cameron Esposito, but we couldn’t think of a better way to tell your parents that you love other women. Not even they can resist the allure of a nice vest and a stylish side mullet.

Kevin Cole

Sexuality is a Spectrum and We’ve Got The New Ghostbusters Trailer To Prove It

Alright ladies, you thought you were pretty secure in your sexuality, but there’s one steamy video that’s been circulating the web for the past 24 hours that is definitely going to change things. Just take a look at this:


Okay, okay, dial it back. This may be the most simultaneously titillating and empowering 24 frames of film to grace cinema, but we shouldn’t have come on so strong. Still, that didn’t stop Tumblr user TalesOfNorth from creating a gifset of Kate McKinnon in the new Ghostbusters and captioning it “I think my panties are ghost too because they suddenly disappeared into thin air.”

Us too, TalesOfNorth. Us too. And we’re not the only ones who are fighting to keep the arousal-induced asthma attacks at bay. The New York Times called the movie promo a “slice of cinematic heaven”. It placed first in Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Movie Trailers Under 30” and the Washington Post praised it as “a tantalizing blend of overtly provocative, hilarious and unsexily… sexy?”


For some this trailer only goes to affirm long-held sexual needs, but for many the footage is bringing about the sensation for the first time. Across the web, women who previously identified as straight are sharing gifs of Kate McKinnon’s performance and admitting that “maybe [they are] are little bit gay.” And that’s okay, sexuality is a spectrum, so you could very much be a little bit gay. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with getting the same amount of excitement from two seconds of Chris Helmsworth kicking down a door as you do from two seconds of Kate McKinnon licking that gun.

The fact is, the world is filled with beautiful people, most of them happen to be in the new Ghostbusters trailer and you owe it to yourself explore what that means for you. Perhaps you’re so overcome with emotions that you know exactly who you’re gonna call and just like tumblr user abitnotgood you’ll place your application to be a new ghostbuster…


Suffice to say, we’re happy to see some emotions are stronger than the hatred of men’s rights activists who are complaining about the death of their childhood based on a film that was released before they were even conceived. Do yourself a favor and view the trailer below. Should you find yourself in the middle of sexual awakening, please send an email to mailbag@theannualonline.com with the subject line “Ghostbusters Testimonial.”

Kevin Cole, Christine McQuaid

The Lessons of Gusbandry with Alicia J. Rose

Alicia J. Rose has directed music videos for such bands as Cake, First Aid Kit, and Bob Mould. Now she has made the leap to episodic storytelling with her premiere web series, The Benefits of GusbandryThe series explores the relationship between Jackie and River, a straight woman and her Gusband (gay-husband). They aren’t married, but they’re so close they might as well be.


To kick things off, you said you were editing Episode Two when I called. How’s that going?

Editing Episode Two has been going really well. It’s such a sculpting process, the making of an episode. We wind up getting things we wouldn’t expect, and the things that you got that you thought you knew work or didn’t work. But in the end, you make it the most clean and mean machine you can, and you really work with the comedy that’s there and make it as funny as humanly possible. That’s where we’re at.

How many edits have we done now? This is our third or fourth. Our third time on Episode Two. There will probably be another three–something like that. We just got the phase where it doesn’t have music yet, but it’s going to start going to people for music, for sound, for ideas and notes as we tighten up the edit, but that’s part of the process.

When you’re editing an episode and you put together the initial cut before it gets cut down–I know the intended episode length is around eight to 12 minutes–do you find that they’re longer? Do you have to make a lot of cuts to keep it short?

I think Episode One started at 13 or 14 minutes and we got it down to eight. Episode Two started at 13 minutes, and we’re also going to get it down to eight. I think when you write, you write like you talk. But when you actually edit things together–or when it’s performed live and you’re filming it–it gets put through the filter of the human brain. When you’re actually cutting it, you just try to cut out the “ums” and the “ahs” and the messy stuff. Big things come out–things we thought we would need, things we thought were crucial to the episode. Turns out they weren’t, and then other things that are crucial get amped up. It’s really pretty fascinating. I love it.

The show is inspired by your relationship with your own gay friends, or “gusbands” as they’re called–

Gusbands, baby!

What made you decide to tell this story?

I think the question really is: How did I figure out what my story was? This is my story, and it took me a while as a filmmaker to figure out what story I wanted to tell from a deeply personal, feminist point of view. It took some soul-searching–including going to Thailand and Cambodia with my number one gusband, Lago, earlier this year–and realizing that he is such an important, primary part of my life. Our relationship really is the most consistent relationship I’ve had with a man in a long time. He just happens to be there when the heartbreak happens, or I’ve lost a job, or whatever. He’s been there to really help me pick up the pieces and move forward. I’ve had other gusbands before him who’ve treated me similarly, and these relationships are the life’s blood of my existence. Really, they’re at the base for my sanity. Truly.

Figuring out that that was my story was the tricky part. I just live it–it’s my life. As a filmmaker I’ve made tons of music videos and lots of short-form work. I’ve been really jonesing for a chance to get to tell a longer story but still utilize the short-form storytelling method as a way to do it–because I’m good at that. I’ve been work at that for past five to seven years. Once I clicked into gusbandry as the core of where I was coming from, it was like unlocking Pandora’s box. I have had so many ideas, and I have so many more ideas that haven’t even played out yet, which is the fun part.

Gusbands Cast

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TLH – I Kinda Like The D

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 2.58.28 PM

The newest Last Hurrah is now available online, download it and subscribe to the show via iTunes.

In celebration of the recent SCOTUS decision with regards to same sex marriage, we attempt to to discuss the topic but mostly end up talking about 90s boy bands

Caitlyn Joy
Giovanni Kavota
Christine McQuaid
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Bobby Martin
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Episode Writers:
Kevin Cole
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