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The Annual Live (musical preview)

There’s a lot happening at The Annual Live, Faceless Ones will be performing BOTH nights as will Laugh Station. But most importantly the only way to make sense of this, is to come and see it yourself!

The show is July 5th and 6th at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, tickets can be ordered here:



JULY 5 & 6 at 8pm, 2013 at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

FREDERICK, MD (June 23, 2013) – Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) is proud to present the first installment of the live comedy variety show The Annual Live. Join The Annual Live as co-host Karli Cole decides it’s time to call it quits, move to Italy and take up with the Vatican, leaving her brother and remaining co-host Kevin Cole and the rest of The Annual staff to give her a fitting send off. Meanwhile the fate of The Annual Live hangs in balance as studio execs debate how well the show will hold its own without her. It’s a final farewell that brings forth the cross between The Larry Sanders Show and Sonny and Cher that no one asked for! So look forward to sketches, musical performances, and a special appearance from the Laugh Station crew!

The Annual Live is written and directed by MET Company Member by Kevin Cole who will be familiar to MET audiences from Laugh Station: Revelation and Pickle My Monkey. The show also features new sketches from Annual writers Andrew Michaels and Briana Haynie. The show itself will feature cast members (Lisa Burl, Karli Cole, Kevin Cole, Matt Lee, David Luna, Courtney McLaughlin and Andrew Michaels) playing fictional versions of themselves as they prepare for and put on a live variety show. The Annual Live will also welcome musical guests Faceless Ones on July 5th.

The Annual Live comes on the heals of the magazine’s fourth issue which features an exclusive interview with improv comedian Colin Mochrie and is jam packed with original comedy from writers across the globe (or at the very least, the east coast).

Maryland Ensemble Theatre will present The Annual Live as part of its MET-X series, created to expand the collective horizons of the MET ensemble and its audience. Performances are July 5 & 6 at 8:00 p.m. at Maryland Ensemble Theatre (31 W Patrick St. Frederick) located in the historic FSK Hotel. Tickets are $11.50 (includes all ticketing fees) and may be purchased by phone at (301) 694-4744, online at marylandensemble.org, or in person at the MET box office.


Starring: Lisa Burl, Karli Cole, Kevin Cole, Matt Lee, David Luna, Courtney McLaughlin and Andrew Michaels

Directed by: Kevin Cole

Where: Maryland Ensemble Theatre, 31 West Patrick Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701

Dates: July 5 & 6, 2013 at 8pm.

Ticket Prices: $10 ($1.50 service fee) / Box Office: 301-694-4744 or marylandensemble.org or at the MET Box Office

Press Photos & Press Releases: marylandensemble.org/press
or Dan Brick at dbrick@marylandensemble.org

Direct link here: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/PRESS-RELEASE—THE-ANNUAL-LIVE—JULY-5-6.html?soid=1101063606858&aid=iByElxBKupk

Faceless Ones to play The Annual Live (7/5)

Local band, Faceless Ones will join The Annual Live for the July 5th show!

Described as “Post-Classical Jazz n’ Roll Scene Fusion” Faceless Ones features Kyle Balkin, Alex Baughman, Andrew Baughman, Julian Coiner and Alex Massi. They describe their story as such:

“Julian, you got a bass guitar?”

He didn’t know if what he had in his basement was a guitar or a bass, but he brought it to jam with Alex and Andrew anyway. Turns out, it had four strings and sounded deep, so the trio learned as much of the Strokes as possible for one guitarist, drummer, and bassist to play. Of course, the Strokes need two guitars to play their songs, so Julian invited Conor, an old friend, to join in on the jam sessions. Julian’s mom Maya heard the boys playing one afternoon and asked them to perform at one of her community events. Thrilled, the guys narrowed down their covers to play their first gig. To perform, they would also need a name: nothing a game of LOTR Risk couldn’t sort out. And so, Harlindon performed for the first time, where one of the older members of the audience remarked, “Y’all have promise.”

Fast forwarding a couple months later, Alex and Julian came to a head as the former, the oldest of the band, was heading off to his first year of college and didn’t know if the musician’s life would be prudent in the transition. He was out. The first semester of school separated the newly formed group but brought revelation to Andrew and Julian: life without music is a life that isn’t worth living. On a day full of NFL Street in Julian’s basement, they promised to stick together as a band forever. That night, they wrote their first song A New Way.

Fueled by a creative spark, the two assembled a new band that weekend: Conor brought a friend from school, Alex Massi. Massi was invited as a guitarist but his bass skills far surpassed Julian’s, so they made do. The band continued to write more and more, attempting to fill the 5th slot with other members. Unfortunately, no one except the old Alex could fill the void.

Late into the first semester, Alex and Julian reconnected and reminisced, forging a bond of friendship that would never get severed again. He was back. 2012 welcomed the 5-piece band as a happy and well-oiled machine, practicing and performing as much as possible.

As the band gathered more and more fans from highschools in the area, they headed to Silver Soul Studios to record their EP South of Havens. That summer they planned and operated their first release show with around 100 people in attendance; A small crowd for the Strokes, but more than Harlindon could ever dream of.

While South of Havens was successful for the band, it wasn’t a sound they would explore. As the group matured they found new beginnings in 2013 as Faceless Ones: a new sound, new possibilities in Chicago, and opportunity at home. The dream to change lives through music has never been so real.

You can listen to more of their music on soundcloud, and hear them live on July 5th at The Annual Live!