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The Last Hurrah Interviews a Dead Guy

Start your week off right by listening to the newest Last Hurrah!


93 – Interview with a Dead Guy

This week on The Last Hurrah, the infamous tale of the man with a hook for a hand instead of a hand. PLUS we discuss the show’s past and future before pulling out a ouija board to summon the dead! Don’t miss all the exciting sex magick this show has to offer!

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Join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday January 29th 2017 for a new adventure!


The Last Hurrah wears Necropants

Kick off your week in style with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

92 – Necropants

This week, Kevin, Isabel, and Karli talk Necropants, the dark arts, magic spells and demon summoning, it’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday (halloween) season.

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Join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday Oct 16th for a new adventure!

We’re doing it, over the next two weeks we will acquire a Ouija board and see what the hell happens! Don’t miss it!


This Week on The Last Hurrah – VHS Virtual Reality

Kick off your week with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

80 – VHS Virtual Reality

This week, knowing that Thom has lived the virtual reality experience, we try to relay that feeling to those in the audience. Kevin and Christine dish on their troubled history with video games and things take an explosive turn when we play a new game!

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Then, join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday June 12th for a new adventure!

Live from the MET, this week Karli finally returns to the Two Person Family (But Not by Blood) Band! There will be slam poetry, there might be hot dogs, who knows? You will, when you join the fun this Sunday!


This Week The Last Hurrah Graduates!

The Last Hurrah returns to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre this Sunday (7pm) with a BRAND NEW SHOW!

Back from a lengthy and arduous two week break, The Last Hurrah is returning with a graduation special. In the past few weeks many Hurrah members have passed the bar exam and are off to graduate, not only does this include one-man-band-leader Thom Huenger, but it also brings the introduction of our second-bandmate-band-member Karli Cole. Both of whom are not permitted to give up learning so their brains may turn to mush! Come see them, laugh at them, and congradulate them this Sunday (FOR FREE) at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre!


The Last Hurrah’s Month of Guest Hosts Begins Sunday

If your excuse for not attending The Last Hurrah has been a blatant and unrestrained hatred for the host, then you’re in luck! Kevin’s out of commission to work on OedipusROX! at the MET (opening April 8th) so the next four shows will decidedly be hosted by anyone else!

We kick off the run of guest hosts with Julia Williams, she was a special guest on Tinder Live, portrayed the role of Snaggle in A Christmas Play, and is a full fledged Comedy Pig! Her final shows with the Comedy Pigs are March 18 & 19 and she’ll be performing as the Gravedigger in Shakespeare in the Pub presents: HAMLET in Alexandria on March 22. She’ll be talking about advice and “words of wisdom” she’s been getting from folks over the past few months. Don’t miss this show because if you can’t see her other performances you may never see her again as she is set to head to the Windy City in a few weeks. She’ll be joined by an incredible-soon to be announced-panel. Plus, Matt Kline will be performing a hot-15 minutes of stand up comedy.

Join the fun at Frederick’s Free Comedy Chat Show this Sunday, 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre!


Isabel Duarte – Ugly Crier

Live from The Last Hurrah, stand up comic Isabel Duarte talks about being an ugly crier and all the hard work that went into her sister’s wedding.

Join us on May 10th, for a very special episode guest hosted by our own Christine McQuaid for a very special Ladies Night, featuring Isabel Duarte and more! Bring your mom and get in for free, forget your mom, get some stern looks but get in for free anyway!

Join the fun Sunday 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

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The Last Hurrah Returns This Sunday!

This Sunday, The Last Hurrah returns to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre!

There are a lot of things associated with April 20th, primarily drug use. On April 19th, The Last Hurrah will return to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre the delve in the seedy depths of Frederick’s underground (and no, that’s not a play on MET’s location beneath the ground). During a panel discussion that is sure to warrent numerous Pulitzer Prize nominations as well as a write up in High Times magazine, we’ll be interviewing a real drug dealer*.

Join us Sunday April 19th at 7pm for an evening of FREE comedy and thought provoking discussion.

*Due to legal reasons we must disclaim that the “real drug dealer” is actually an actor portraying a drug dealer. No actual drugs will be dealt or consumed.

Episode featuring:
Jack Evans
Caitlyn Joy
James McGarvey

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