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LOLing With Longreads 5/30/14

Kevin Cole

Once again, I’m here for some reason. Specifically, Emily Perper has been more than busy with In The Next Room Or The Vibrator Play at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, which I highly recommend you see if you support the female orgasm, a stand point I presume our readers are savvy enough to get behind. So in wake of week filled with bad news, I give you two longreads from funny people on a devastatingly serious topic.

1. Overcome your Programing and Become a Better Man – Chris Gethard

We can logically place the blame on these mass shootings on a number of things, gun laws, mental health, misogyny, but at the end of the day it comes down to the individual. In this piece, Chris Gethard opens about his past, entertaining the idea of shootings, feeling rejected, alone, much like Eliot Rodgers. But Chris offers a solution, a solution outside of gun restrictions or mental health evaluations. This piece is about looking inside yourself and finding a better you. Realizing that while you may feel alone and rejected, there’s a community out there for everyone and if you start think less and less about your selfish ideals about who “owes” you what, you’ll begin to find that things aren’t nearly as bad.

2. #YESALLWOMEN – Jackie Kashian

I didn’t chime in on #YesAllWomen. Not to say I didn’t support it 100%. BUT as a man, I didn’t feel it was my place to chime in (Okay, I chimed in this morning after Emily informed me that the woman who started the tag was getting death/rape threats and every degree of not cool) on what women are going through because frankly, I don’t know. A lot of us don’t know, that’s why this thing is so important. That’s why we should be reading about it, to become informed. Jackie writes a great piece about the importance of what’s being said and why we should take the time to listen rather than jump to our own defenses simply because not all men are rapists.

Well, I hope I did an adequate job summing up these pieces. Em will be back next week, and I’ll return on Monday with an explanation as to why posts were so scarce this week.

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LOLing With Longreads 5/23/14

Kevin Cole

I know what you’re thinking, what happened to Emily Perper, I thought this was her thing? Well, you thought right. It is her thing, given the speed it takes me to finish reading anything it’s a mystery as to how I started a humor magazine. That said, Emily has been swamped this week between her new job and assistant stage managing In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) for the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. With all this and the idea for a longreads list in the back of my head, I gave her the week off. Hopefully I can do longreading justice.

How To Lose Your Show.

1. My Television Show Was Cancelled. Fuck. – Justin Halpern

The shows featured in this list are in bizarrely different stages of cancellation, logic would dictate-it’s cancelled and it’s done. This is the case for Surviving Jack, FOX’s short-lived midseason replacement. It didn’t have the time to gain a cult following but people watched and enjoyed it. Justin doesn’t begrudge the network here, but he chooses to look back on the good times he had while making Surviving Jack, he reflects on the cast and crew with admiration and he’s proud of what he put out.

2. More Than a Tweet – Dan Harmon

This isn’t the first “losing your show” blog from Dan Harmon. As many of us remember, he was famously fired from Community after the third season and then brought back like a christ-like showrunner for fifth season. When NBC chose not to renew the show just short of its sixth season (and a movie) fans were outraged… heartbroken… I’ll admit to getting emotional about it, as I do with most things. But thanks to the modern conveniences of Netflix resurrection, the question was, would Community get a Season Six? And what could the fans do to make it happen? Dan writes this post for the fans, to lift the burden of worrying about things they can’t really control. There’s a message of hope somewhere in there… I think. Did I make too many allusions to the Jesus story with this one? Christ, I’m sorry.

3. Comedy Central Has Decided Not To Pick Up The Chris Gethard Show – Chris Gethard

I love this piece. The Chris Gethard Show has an insane following and is without a doubt one of the weirdest, most honest, entertaining shows on public access. It’s a show that’s been struggling for mainstream attention for years. This was their shot to finally get it, last spring they shot a pilot for Comedy Central and as you can tell by the title… it didn’t get picked up (I used the ellipsis for suspense, in case you were craving it). But rather than declaring war on Comedy Central, or going up on the show and railing against them, Chris thanked them for giving this group of wonderful weirdos a shot, and got his entire fan base to do the same. Best of all The Chris Gethard Show still lives on, with new episodes airing live every Wednesday at 11pm (est).


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LOLing With Longreads 5/16/14

Emily Perper

1. Rolling Stone offered 20 Best Comedy Podcasts Right Now (oh, the urgency!) Take this opportunity to discover a new favorite podcast. I, for instance, will tune into Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. The Annual has had the privilege to feature one these comedic minds on its pages: read our interview with Greg Proops (#8).

2. The New Yorker presents Missed Connections for A-HolesOur eyes connected but you just kept walking. If I had the chance to see you one more time, I would roll down my windows and call you a dick.”

3. Being a Comic & a Punchline by Cameron Esposito is about being a gay lady comedian in front of a hostile, hetero crowd and combatting the ignorance of comedians who use sexuality as a punchline.

4. I found My Ideal Weddings, By Age to be inspiring because a) my best friend is getting married on Saturday and b) I NEVER imagined my wedding as a child, so I can live vicariously through Maris Kreizman.

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LOLing with Longreads 4/25/14

Emily Perper

“Terms and Conditions for Watching Your Stuff.” (Eliza Berman, The Rumpus)

“Hey, would you mind watching my stuff while I run to ___________ real quick?”
“Yes. Here’s my contract.” As Berman says, “Sign here, bitch.” 

“How Amy Schumer Gets Guys to Think Feminists are Funny.” (Eliana Dockterman, Time)

Like, part of me doesn’t care if men think women are funny? Because, like, screw those guys? And not literally? But this is a good analysis of Schumer’s comedic process and made me want to watch her show. In addition, I agree with the author: “the female [insert male-centric show here]” is SUCH a lazy way to describe anything. Especially awesome comedy.

“The Beards Are a Joke.” (Justin Heckert, Atlanta Magazine)

I started to read this piece, saw it was 10 pages, and almost went to bed instead. I’m glad I didn’t. The story’s premise–four bearded dudes from Atlanta climbing into an SUV and touring the country and doing standup all over the West Coast–is deceptively simple. This piece is immensely readable. I couldn’t stop. It’s a delight.

LOLing With Longreads 4/18/14

Emily Perper

I Was an Arcade Fire Bobblehead Decoy.” (Amos Barshad, Grantland)

“The top secret missive came from deep within the Arcade Fire camp — we’re bobbleheading tonight. We need an extra bobblehead. Are you ready, willing, and able to assist in the case of bobbleheading?”

“The Unruly Stoner Girl: What Makes Broad City so Radical” (Anne Helen Petersen, Los Angeles Times Review of Books)

Broad City is one of those unexpected yet universally beloved shows. If you’ve seen any or all of the episodes, you’ll have noticed that, as Petersen points out, Broad City has a lot in common with dude-centric tropes (pot! casual sex! etc.) and this places it in a category of women performing transgressive comedy (see: Gilda, Lena, Lucille). Spoiler alert: It’s awesome. And important for Feminism. 

“I regret pairing Ron and Hermione together (because Ron is a time-traveling Dumbledore),” JK Rowling Admits.” (Mallory Ortberg, The Toast)

God, I love The Toast. It might be the One True Website for up-and-coming writers/lady power/funny everything. I tangent. The omnihilarious Mallory Ortberg explores the possibility that Ron is Dumbledore and Dumbledore is Ron BECAUSE TIME TRAVEL. (Read “The Secret Ronbledore Pages” here.)

LOLing With Longreads 4/11/14

Emily Perper

What the Hell is Harmontown? (Ben Kirby, Empire)

Everyone’s talking about Colbert (including our editor-in-chief), but let’s take a look at the empire of Dan Harmon: “Community” creator, “Rick and Morty” co-creator, star of an upcoming documentary and host of a raucous podcast. He also might be a genius. One of those tortured-but-in-love-with-life geniuses.

Life Sentences: Dinosaur Erotica (Michael Reid Roberts, The American Reader)

What happens when you take a Stanford-standard syntactical study and apply it to … DINOSAUR EROTICA?

Adventures With UPS Man (Roxane Gay, The Hairpin)

Let Bad Feminist and all-around badass Roxane Gay regale you with tales of her intimate/unrequited relations with her UPS man.

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