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TLH – I Kinda Like The D

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In celebration of the recent SCOTUS decision with regards to same sex marriage, we attempt to to discuss the topic but mostly end up talking about 90s boy bands

Caitlyn Joy
Giovanni Kavota
Christine McQuaid
Special Guest:
Bobby Martin
Patrick McQuaid
Episode Writers:
Kevin Cole
Christine McQuaid

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Ep. 26 – Top 5 Ways Same-Sex Weddings Are Good for ALL Couples (Feat. Paris Ball)

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Cullen, Kevin and Susan are joined this week by friend and summer employer, Paris Ball. Paris works for The Diocese of Virginia and is married to Maria (her partner of 5 years). She joins to share her take on Will Scott’s list and explain why everyone stands to benefit from Same-Sex Weddings. The group discusses her own wedding goes on to settle whether or not snooping is acceptable in a relationship.

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