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Make The Annual & METx Great Again!

Two months ago The Annual went on a three week hiatus. During this time we launched our Patreon account and I, Kevin Cole, wrote a play called Great Again.

Great Again takes a satiric look Trump’s dystopian future, and could more specifically be referred to as Our Town for the Trump Administration. The story starts four years into his presidency as we are guided by our narrator, Ben Carson, through the world of Trump. The story also features the likes of Ted Cruz, Vladimir Putin and of course, Ivanka.

I’ll be directing the show as a METx production for Maryland Ensemble Theatre this fall with show dates on Nov 6 & 7th (election eve) and Nov 11 & 12. Mark your calendars.

Want to get involved!? We’ll be hosting Auditions on Monday Sept 26th from 6:30pm-9pm at MET (31 West Patrick St. Frederick, MD) for the following roles: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Paul Manafort & Stephen Miller (The Joint Chiefs). You can email Kevindotcole@gmail.com to set up an audition slot.

The Last Hurrah Presents: METLab Presents: Secret Teen Baby!

Kick off your week in style with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

85 – Secret Teen Baby

Teaming up with Jesse Marciniak from the Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s METLab program, a panel consisting of Isabel and Helena Duarte and Christine McQuaid plus a little help from The Last Hurrah’s Two Human Family (but not by blood) Band put together the next great METLab script: An original musical entitled Secret Teen Baby!

In it, we learn the story of Tatiana Veronica, a woman of all races except for white and how she came to love Janice, a secret teen baby. But when tragedy strikes (or more so, crushes) can their love prevail in a world that hates Teen Babies? Goo-goo Gah-gah, bitch!

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Then, join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday July 31st for a new adventure!


This week on The Last Hurrah: Prom Nights and OedipusROX!

Kick off your week with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

73 – After Prom Night

Giovanni Kavota, James McGarvey and Cal Holderbaum entertained the audience with a thrilling recap of their prom escapades, questionable trendsetting, and high-stakes interactions with their female peers. The trio topped off the evening with a hilarious longform improv set.

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Then join us at The Maryland Ensemble Theatre for more fun on Sunday at 7pm!

Kevin Cole returns to host the show with one-man-band-leader Thom Huenger! This week it’s OedipusTALX as Kevin and Thom explain their hiatus for the show and attempt to make up for it with some of team from the MET’s newest original production OedipusROX!


The Last Hurrah’s Bad Neighbors

 Podcasts aplenty for Hurrah listeners!

72-Bad Neighbors with Christine McQuaid

Christine McQuaid returns from a long hiatus (2 months) to step up to the hosting plate and she brings her A-game. She also bring Lisa Burl, James McGarvey and Giovanni Kavota. The dish on bad neighbors/roommates they’ve had through the year and James & Gio perform some improv!

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See every chair imaginable at The Last Hurrah - Sundays at 7pm Maryland Ensemble Theatre
See every chair imaginable at The Last Hurrah – Sundays at 7pm Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Skip the Maryland Ensemble Theatre this weekend and join us for the return of Frederick’s Free Comedy Chat Show on APRIL 3rd!

There’s no way in hell we’re going up against Easter. It’s not that we’re not cool enough to skip church, it’s that we know there won’t be hearty crowd that night. Instead, join us in two weeks! Will James McGarvery return to the role of host? Only time will tell!


The Last Hurrah’s Month of Guest Hosts Begins Sunday

If your excuse for not attending The Last Hurrah has been a blatant and unrestrained hatred for the host, then you’re in luck! Kevin’s out of commission to work on OedipusROX! at the MET (opening April 8th) so the next four shows will decidedly be hosted by anyone else!

We kick off the run of guest hosts with Julia Williams, she was a special guest on Tinder Live, portrayed the role of Snaggle in A Christmas Play, and is a full fledged Comedy Pig! Her final shows with the Comedy Pigs are March 18 & 19 and she’ll be performing as the Gravedigger in Shakespeare in the Pub presents: HAMLET in Alexandria on March 22. She’ll be talking about advice and “words of wisdom” she’s been getting from folks over the past few months. Don’t miss this show because if you can’t see her other performances you may never see her again as she is set to head to the Windy City in a few weeks. She’ll be joined by an incredible-soon to be announced-panel. Plus, Matt Kline will be performing a hot-15 minutes of stand up comedy.

Join the fun at Frederick’s Free Comedy Chat Show this Sunday, 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre!


Ep. 14 – Of Manjos and Mothmen



Episode 14 of The Last Hurrah is now online! You can click the picture above to listen!

This weekend came to a close with a discussion of Monsters from Mothman to Bigfoots. Kevin was joined by Christine McQuaid and Giovanni Kavota to discuss the creatures. Tim Seltzer stopped by to give us a sneak peak at Twelfth Night. Christine and Gio performed some original work and we even got to show off a real life monster (Jame McGarvey).


Please support the show by subscribing and reviewing the show on itunes and join us Sundays at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre.

PSA- Laugh Station: Flux 7/26-7/27

LSFlux _ Jack Colliver and Matt Lee 2

The Maryland Ensemble Theatre  is proud to present another installment of the surreal, blood soaked, beer drenched, sci-fi horror extravaganza that is the Laugh Station series. The deranged exploits of the Laugh Station crew continue in Episode Seven: Flux!After failing to raise enough money to pay back Federation Creditors, the intrepid comedy explorers decide to bend the fourth dimension so that things turn out their way. Little do they realize the irreversible side effects of time travel, let alone the knife-wielding alien stalker who’s hot on their trail. Only the wise/insane, old Time Master holds the key to their survival… now, if they could just sober up in time for curtain call! The surreal, mind-altering, sci-fi/comedy series returns this summer, with a special guest appearance from DC-based comedian, Mikael Johnson! If you enjoy breast milk, Sylvia Plath, telethons, schpace schnapps, The BodyguardWWF and/or cannabis smoking robots, then this one is for you!

The Laugh Station series is written and directed by Matt Lee and  co-written with Jack Colliver, both of which are staff writers here at The Annual. The show also features Annual staff members Lisa Burl, Kevin Cole, Courtney McLaughlin and James McGarvey performing alongside Brian Artusio, Joe Colliver, Joe Jalette, Mikael Johnson, Trevor Marin,  and Bailey Sterling.  All original music is by Joe Colliver, Mak Kennedy and Trevor Marin.

Maryland Ensemble Theatre will present Laugh Station: Flux as part of its MET-X series, created to expand the collective horizons of the MET ensemble and its audience. Performances are July 26 & 27 at 9pm at Maryland Ensemble Theatre (31 W Patrick St. Frederick) located in the historic FSK Hotel.  Tickets are $11.50 (includes all ticketing fees) and may be purchased by phone at (301) 694-4744, online at marylandensemble.org, or in person at the MET box office. Laugh Station: Flux is intended for mature audiences only.