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Announcing The Annual 11

It’s very possible that many of you have begun speculating whether or not The Annual would go on, it had been a while since issue 10. It even seemed as though the month of September had been skipped in it’s entirety. However, The Annual is back baby!


Coming October 21st, our Oct/Nov spectacular hits virtual store shelves and will then be mailed straight to your physical door! This issue features fall fashion tips, halloween costume ideas, an interview with Emily Heller, tributes to Joan Rivers and Robin Williams and so much more. It’s a bimonthly comedic extravaganza that you won’t want to miss! Click here to preorder your copy!

This issue features material from:

Parker Benbow, Isabel Duarte, Amber George, Hannah Gutman, Briana Haynie, David Luna, Andrew Michaels, Buddy Purucker, and Steve Younkins!


Kevin Cole


Emily Perper

REMINDER: 2 Days Left to preorder The Annual #9


In just two days The Annual #9 will arrive at The Annual HQ to be shipped out to subscribers and pre-orderers. This means you have two days to join that exclusive club. After that date you’ll be just another orderer, another late to the partier, still a partier, but late. Who wants to be late? Okay, maybe you could be fashionably late, but you don’t want to be late. All the best party stuff happens at the start. So head over to The Annual Store and PREORDER YOUR COPY for only $4!


If you can’t afford a physical $4 Magazine, why not “like” us on Facebook, we’re just a tad shy of 500 Likes.

The Annual #9 Now Available for PREORDER!

Annual9CoverComing May 8th: The Annual #9! It’s a date that has many asking, “Why not release The Annual #9 on May 9?” The answer: We want you to be happy as soon as possible, and there’s a lot to be happy about our newest issue:

Nico’s Drink of the Month comes unhinged as birthday festivities ensue. Q2Q Comics creator Steve Younkins teams with Amber George for their newest comic strip, Doomsday Sandwich. We unveil our very first topical characters: Borisnakov and Natalia. And David Luna chats with Whose Line Is It Anyway star Brad Sherwood. We’ve got food pyramids, a break-up letter to your bangs, ways to impress your date and so much more!

Head over to The Annual store and PREORDER The Annual #9 for only $4 (and free shipping)!

It’s guaranteed to be the ONLY magazine where you’ll find

a picture of Brad Sherwood

riding in his rocket chariot

being pulled by his Rottweilers

in hellhound form

in space.

Contributing Writers/Artists:

Parker Benbow | Kevin Cole | Nicolas Contreras | Lily Fryburg | Amber George | Stuart Gunter | Hannah Gutman | Briana Haynie | David Luna | Andrew Michaels | Damon Norko | Emily Perper | Buddy Purucker | Kate Sidley | Cassie Schaeffer | Kelsey Sartory | Steve Younkins

The Annual #5 OUT NOW!

The Annual #5 has arrived!

So how do you know if this issue of The Annual is for you?

Well perhaps you’re a fan of Ron Funches, or you have a comedy nerd appreciation for improv/live in Connecticut and have been supporting a group known as Sea Tea since it’s inception. Maybe you enjoying sitting on your butt and analyzing different types of laziness rather than doing something productive. It could be that you’re in need of some completely serious advice, headed back to school, or wandering about the day-to-day life of a Murse. All in all, we’re guessing you like to laugh, perhaps comedy is your thing and here’s your chance to support independent comedy and to have a nice printed magazine sit on the back of your toilet for two months as you slowly thumb through it.

If any of this seems of interest to you please CLICK HERE to order your copy of The Annual #5. You can buy past issues as well for only $2.

Annual #003 available for PREORDER!

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 12.31.57 AM

Issue 3 of The Annual will be available on May 7th!

If you don’t have a subscription, now’s your chance to preorder a copy for yourself. Even better, preorders come with FREE SHIPPING!

So plop down $5 and get ready for the newest Annual including our exclusive interview with Tom Cotter as well a Table of Contents, Buddy Purucker’s Annual Manual and the continuation of Animals Fighting!

The Annual #002 Now available for PREORDER

The Annual #002 Now Available for PREORDER

The Annual #002 is now available for PREORDER! So preorder it and we will ship it to you first thing when it arrives next week!

This issue features an exclusive interview with The Amazing Atheist, as well as a haunting expose behind the film Zero Dark Thirty. Sam Walker returns with more completely serious advice, Briana Haynie dishes out some parenting tips, Matt Lee tell us why he tried to score with George Washington and the Animals Fighting Saga continues!

All this AND MORE in The Annual #002!

Still haven’t picked up Issue 1? Add it to your cart as well and use the code PREORDER to get it for only $2 (offer only valid with a preorder of The Annual 002)