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Enjoy Denny’s Fall Menu Before It’s Too Late!

Time is running out to try Denny’s incredible fall menu, so head on out to America’s Diner today! That’s right, the temperatures have finally dropped and forecasters across the country estimate that you’ve got about a week to try these great menu items before we make the transition to Denny’s winter menu.

In order to ensure that customers get the full Denny’s Fall Experience we’ve swept dry leaves into the waiting area of every location and programmed our air conditioning units to stay at a brisk 57 degrees. Enjoy light sweater weather at Denny’s with any one of our fall menu items:

Extra Crispy Grad Slamwich There’s nothing more satisfying than the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, except for the sensation of that same crunch between your teeth. Our signature Grand Slamwich has scrambled eggs, bacon and two layers of dried, golden, autumnal leaves. Yum!

Denny’s Pumpkin Pancakes Let’s be honest, we’re new to the realm of Buttermilk Pancakes (weird, right?) but these Pumpkin Pancakes are a seasonal delight! We sliced up some baby pumpkins to measure up to pancake proportions and tossed them on the griddle. Once those pumpkins start sizzling we haphazardly carve a face of your choosing into them and fry an egg in the empty space. Then we slather them in our secret syrup and this breakfast treat is ready for human consumption.

Spiced Pumpkin Spice There’s no getting around this one, it’s just a big ol’ pile of pumpkin seeds, lightly seasoned with cinnamon. One hundred and fifty pumpkin seeds! You love pumpkin spice so much, Bethany? Prove it!

At this point it really became a stretch to develop new fall items without overstepping our bounds into the Thanksgiving menu. So head on down to Denny’s and consume these certified delicious dishes while supplies last!

Kevin Cole

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A Breakup Letter to The Summer Heat

from: Me
to: The Blistering Summer Heat

I don’t know how we got to this place. I remember spending cold winter nights daydreaming about what it would be like when we were together again.  I couldn’t wait to live surrounded by your sunny embrace. You were all I could think about. And when you finally came around, you were the best thing in my life. You brought me so much love and joy and even on the select few occasions where you were a bit too much too soon, I embraced it. It had been almost a year since I had felt that warm feeling and so I perspired willingly. At some point, I fell in love with it.

But your comfortable breeze quickly turned stale, thick and stuffy. You’ve changed. And I’ve changed. Literally. I cannot wear fewer than 3 shirts a day because I sweat through all of them. I take off my socks every day and wring them out like sponges, shedding a little of our love with every drop of foot sweat. It really just feels like you’re doing this on purpose to control me. I used to be able to wear whatever I wanted, but now I have to dress myself according to how hot you’re going to make the world. I want to decide what clothes to put on my body based on my style or mood, not based on how unbearable you are going to be on any given day.

And it’s not just what I wear – it’s everything I do. I can’t even make plans without first consulting you. I can’t just spend the day on a hike with friends or taking a stroll in the park, not with you there, blowing hot air down our necks. You make it impossible for us to just enjoy ourselves. You’re suffocating me.

I think I need to find someone more temperate. Perhaps a manufactured jet of cool central air, or maybe an entirely new season. I hear pumpkin spice is great this time of year– maybe I will find myself a mild autumn breeze to love. I don’t know who I’m meant to be with, but I do know it’s not you.

I do still care about you and I want us to be friends. I just don’t know how to do that at this point. That’s the hardest part of all of this. In fact, as I type this, I cannot tell if I am sweating or crying. Perhaps it’s both. But that’s exactly the problem; I am just not happy with you. And I don’t think I ever will be.

I hope we can still be friends.

All the best,