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The Daylight Saving Song

As I set my clock back on November 1st, it occurred to me that Daylight Saving time does not get the credit it deserves. In the fall, we set our clocks back an hour, essentially gaining an extra hour to do whatever we want, whether it be sleeping in, staying out later, or using the loophole to murder someone at 1am and then getting a receipt from McDonalds on the other side of town that gives you an alibi for that same time. But don’t forget about springing forward! Yes, we may be “losing” an hour in the spring, but we are really just banking it for this extra hour in the fall. Plus, we get an extra hour of summertime light every day; that means more fun time in the beach or at the park or out and about just about anywhere; and don’t forget that day drinking starts an hour earlier!

With all these awesome reasons to love Daylight Saving time, I wondered: why in the world it doesn’t have its own song? It occurs twice a year, there are usually good reasons to celebrate or have a party on or near those days. Every other holiday has a song or certain music that is played because of it. This is a possible goldmine! So, in honor of Daylight Saving time, I present the song below. I had a tune in mind when I wrote it, but I would love to hear any covers or interpretations you think of! Send us your versions!

Daylight Saving Time

Happy Daylight Saving time
(Spring Forward, Fall Back, Spring Forward, Fall Back)
Happy Daylight Saving time
(Spring Forward, Fall Back, Spring Forward, Fall Back)

[Verse 1]
Are you from the future? Oh I think you are
We just moved an hour through time
The sun is coming up, later than normal
Daylight has been saved for all of mankind
George Hudson, was sick of getting up for work
Shaving and showering in the pale moonlight,
He said “The New Zealand people deserve better than this,
And I’m the one Kiwi who can do what’s right!”
And he said…

[Chorus 1]
“Daylight savings, for you and for me,
It’s time to set your mind and your body free
Daylight savings, for us and for them,
Everybody except the Saudi Arabians!”

[Bridge repeat]

[Verse 2]
Daylight savings, increases productivity,
People are happier; and that helps the economy.
So much more time for outdoor activities,
Now everyone has a reason to join in the festivities!
So go outside, meet a girl at the bar
Tell her you can last an hour in the sack,
Start at 1:59am, and finish at three,
And when you’re finished don’t forget to turn your clocks back!

[Chorus 2]
“Daylight savings, for him and for her,
Fall back for an hour of more liquor,
Daylight savings, for we and for they,
At least two hundred times better than celebrating Arbor day!”

[Bridge repeat]

[Dance section]
Now everybody, is having fun
Celebrating their extra hour (or lack there of)
So move your body, when I tell you to,
And show Daylight Saving time some love!
Spring forward, spring forward, spring forward, spring forward
Fall back, fall back, fall back, fall back,
Now slide that clock to the right, slide the clock to the right
Slide that clock to the left, slide that clock to the left
Do a loop clockwise
Do a loop clockwise
Counterclockwise now
Counterclockwise now
Spring forward, fall back, spring forward, fall back
Slide clock right, slide clock left
Clockwise loop
Counterclockwise loop
Hit the SNOOZE

[music stops]



[Chorus 3]
Daylight savings, for girls and for boys,
An extra hour for making even more noise!
Daylight savings, all across the land,
It will probably be stopped soon so enjoy it while you can!

Don’t forget to set your clocks! Or just wait six months until they are right again. Go out and kiss a farmer. Happy Daylight savings.

T.M. Scholtes