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Meeting Mr. Reynolds!

Courtney Reynolds is a stand up comedian working in Philadelphia, he also hosts If You’re Reading This Quit Your Day Job in New York City. David Luna recently traveled to the big city to document the comedy and a small chunk of the life of Courtney Reynolds.

You can learn more about Courtney by following him @FullCourtComedy

This video was made in collaboration with the Something Art Coalition

Emily Heller

The Annual has been fortunate enough to consistently feature interviews with such tremendous contemporary talent, not to mention content from a truly exceptional staff. And our audience isn’t wide, which means you are reading, quite possibly, the most “indie” humor magazine in existence. Allow us to further illustrate this fact; In July of 2014, Vice  released an interview where they asked Ron Funches what happens after death. We featured an interview with Funches asking the same question, in September of 2013. Of course, this is not to imply that Vice has any awareness of The Annual. To the contrary, we are small and we do some pretty cool things. Hopefully you’ll find the following to be just as cool: an exchange of words with stand up comic and host of The Future with Emily Heller


[Sometimes it is difficult to come up with an adequate introduction for someone so pleasant.]

David Luna: What was your earliest memory?

Emily Heller: I think my oldest memory was just sitting in the dining room of my house I grew up in at a little kid table, looking over and seeing my mom on the phone.

DL: Would you consider yourself a feminist?

EH: I do consider myself a feminist.

DL: When did you first start to have an understanding that there really isn’t equality between the sexes?

EH: Pretty young. My mom subscribed me to a feminist magazine for young girls called New Moon when I was in third or fourth grade. There was a section in the magazine called “How Aggravating” where people could write in and tell stories of things that happened to them that frustrated them, and a lot of them were just stories of young misogyny, basically. For some reason that was always my favorite section, because it did make me really mad.

DL: Were you ever bullied as a kid, or were you ever a bully yourself?

EH: I probably was more of a bully than I thought I was. That “30 Rock” episode where Liz Lemon goes to her high school reunion, thinking these were the people that terrorized me in high school, and she gets there and realizes that she was the one who was terrorizing them—I’m always afraid that that would be me.

I was very mean to some of my close friends when I was younger. I was never really bullied. I was definitely excluded a lot, and that had a big impact on me, but no one ever did anything truly awful to me. I probably deserved to be excluded to a certain extent. It sort of forced me to figure out what I was doing wrong. A lot of times people are excluded for the wrong reasons, but I think I was kind of an unpleasant person to be around for a long time. It’s probably why I became a funny, to try to keep people around me.

Make some people feel good and make positive change.

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