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The Last Hurrah – Mysteries of the Unknown

Kick off your week in style with the newest Last Hurrah in podcast form!

88 – Goodbye Nicky Costanza

This week on The Last Hurrah we delve into some of the world’s greatest mysteries, earth like planets, ecto-plasma-like residue, spectral visitations and more! Plus we bid a fond farewell to a longtime friend of the show, Nicky Costanza!

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Join us at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday Sept 4th for a new adventure!

Last week we said goodbye to a good friend, but this week we welcome back the incredible Two-Human Family (but not by blood) Funtime Band! Plus, a special tribute to Gene Wilder. Don’t miss it this Sunday at 7pm.


The Last Hurrah’s Bad Neighbors

 Podcasts aplenty for Hurrah listeners!

72-Bad Neighbors with Christine McQuaid

Christine McQuaid returns from a long hiatus (2 months) to step up to the hosting plate and she brings her A-game. She also bring Lisa Burl, James McGarvey and Giovanni Kavota. The dish on bad neighbors/roommates they’ve had through the year and James & Gio perform some improv!

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See every chair imaginable at The Last Hurrah - Sundays at 7pm Maryland Ensemble Theatre
See every chair imaginable at The Last Hurrah – Sundays at 7pm Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Skip the Maryland Ensemble Theatre this weekend and join us for the return of Frederick’s Free Comedy Chat Show on APRIL 3rd!

There’s no way in hell we’re going up against Easter. It’s not that we’re not cool enough to skip church, it’s that we know there won’t be hearty crowd that night. Instead, join us in two weeks! Will James McGarvery return to the role of host? Only time will tell!


The Greatest Debate with James Adomian & Anthony Atamanuik

Over the phone I heard two voices I had gotten to know quite well through a series of political inspired debates on Youtube, now set on touring the nation in an ultimate display of our polarized popular ideologies and universal absurdity. Within the first few seconds, I was hooked. And by the end of it I felt the surge of political revolution, and the increasing momentum of the triumphantly original and iconic Trump vs. Bernie 2016 Debate Tour. If soon there is to be a sibling to Mt Rushmore constructed in out time, may the faces of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, James Adomian, and Anthony Atamanuik loom over the forests of the American Midwest.

How did the the first debate come about?

Anthony Atamanuik: I was doing Trump in New York, and I knew James had been doing Bernie for a while. We’d been friends for years, and we’d always done impressions and characters around each other in New York and LA. Actually, James texted me one day and said, “Hey, man, we should try to do this together.” It ended up that we had a good synthesis of a show we could do it at, Whiplash. From there it sort of snowballed because there was a lot of interest.

James Adomian: [Anthony] had the great idea to film the show at Whiplash and have [Anthony Sneed] filming it. It was a pretty popular video on YouTube and from there people were like, “We want to see the whole hour!” or “When are you gonna put it on TV?” So we’re doing what we can, which is a big tour.

I love how you guys are marketing it. I’ve been following closely and a lot of my friends have been as well. I know you guys are going to D.C. Where else are you excited be touring?

JA: Well, we’re very excited to be doing New Hampshire. We’re doing two different cities right before the primary, and we’re going to be right there at the New Hampshire primary.

AA: In the heart of it, right where it all happens, in Manchester.

JA: I think there’s a good chance both Trump and Bernie will win their primaries that night. And that will be perfect.

AA: That will prove that we can finally get our plan of starting the Psychic Friends Network back up and running.

How long have the two of you known each other?

AA: 2008?

JA: Something like that, yeah. It’s been eight years.

AA: Yeah, eight years. Both Obama terms.

How did you meet—just gigging in similar places?

JA: The Del Close Marathon happens at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York every summer, and they have all the craziest, funniest shows late at night. I think we met at a 2 a.m. show called Match Game 76.  

AA: He was Orson Welles, and I was a young John McCain who was just freed from Vietnam.

Adomian Texting

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This Week on The Last Hurrah (12/1)

Kick off your week right with our newest episode!

62 – Nov Open Mic

This week on The Last Hurrah, Kevin Cole, Isabel Duarte and Robert Martin discuss Thanksgiving mishaps, online dating and the fear of getting items stuck in certain orifices.

Isabel Duarte
Robert Martin

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Then, swing by the Maryland Ensemble Theatre for…

The WebMD Show (Nov 29)

Something is always ailing the cast of The Last Hurrah, some of us have underlying health conditions. This week, we put our symptoms to the test and figure out what exactly is wrong with us.


The fun starts this Sunday at 7pm!

This Week on The Last Hurrah

Kick of your week right with our newest podcast episode…

50 – Back To School

This week on The Last Hurrah, school’s back in session as we discuss our own shortcomings as students. Find out who messed with substitutes, who got suspended for fighting and who got into a fight after cracking yo’ momma jokes to their own brother. Plus, we discover just how ill-prepared the audience is for a fire drill.

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Then, join as at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Aug. 30th 7pm for…

The Last Hurrah’s First Ever Comedy Open Mic Night!

The Last Hurrah is furthering its efforts to cultivate local comedy by hosting their first Monthly Comedy Open Mic Night. On the last Sunday of every month, The Last Hurrah will open their doors to anyone from stand up comics, to sketch performers and improv teams looking to get some practice in front of an audience. Performers will be given 5-10 minutes of time in the Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s Stage 2 space, and as always The Last Hurrah is absolutely free to attend.

Isabel Duarte – Ugly Crier

Live from The Last Hurrah, stand up comic Isabel Duarte talks about being an ugly crier and all the hard work that went into her sister’s wedding.

Join us on May 10th, for a very special episode guest hosted by our own Christine McQuaid for a very special Ladies Night, featuring Isabel Duarte and more! Bring your mom and get in for free, forget your mom, get some stern looks but get in for free anyway!

Join the fun Sunday 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

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The Last Hurrah: Fight Club – This Sunday

April May Poster

This week on The Last Hurrah, Kevin Cole takes a lesson from Tim Seltzer and Steve Younkins (Q2Q Comics) about defending himself, but when things get out of hand will a webbed hero (Spidey Steve aka. Steve Custer) show up to save the day? You’ll have to join the fun this Sunday at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre to find out.

Featuring a special Stand Up performance from Isabel Duarte!

Join us Sunday at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

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The Last Hurrah Returns This Sunday!

This Sunday, The Last Hurrah returns to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre!

There are a lot of things associated with April 20th, primarily drug use. On April 19th, The Last Hurrah will return to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre the delve in the seedy depths of Frederick’s underground (and no, that’s not a play on MET’s location beneath the ground). During a panel discussion that is sure to warrent numerous Pulitzer Prize nominations as well as a write up in High Times magazine, we’ll be interviewing a real drug dealer*.

Join us Sunday April 19th at 7pm for an evening of FREE comedy and thought provoking discussion.

*Due to legal reasons we must disclaim that the “real drug dealer” is actually an actor portraying a drug dealer. No actual drugs will be dealt or consumed.

Episode featuring:
Jack Evans
Caitlyn Joy
James McGarvey

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An Interview with Sara Benincasa

In The Annual #10, we shared an interview with comedian Sara Benincasa. With the advent of her new podcast, “In the Casa with Sara Benincasa,” we thought we’d better introduce our online readers to this stand-up comedian/YA novelist/memoirist/storyteller/web editor-in-chief who advocates for mental health wellness in LGBTQ youth. She also has an adorable dog named Morley Safer. Yes, she does everything.

sara copy

Emily Perper: So how are you?

Sara Benincasa: I’m good! I usually get up at 5:30, which is crazy. I blog—I’m the editor-in-chief of a site, an entertainment-humor site called Happy Nice Time People. Happy Nice Time People runs on an East Coast schedule, so I have to be blogging starting at six a.m. So I get up and walk the dog. I actually got up a little late today because I had an interview that wasn’t until 7:45 with Sirius XM, so that was very exciting.

EP: This is good, because I felt a little bad—“I hope I’m not getting her up really early on a Saturday and ruining any sleeping in plans.” What was your Sirius interview?

SB: It was The Judith Regan Show on Stars. She was this very powerful publishing industry person for a while, and then she transitioned to radio. Now she has this radio show, and it was fun; it was really fun.

EP: Were you talking about [your new young adult novel] Great?

SB: I was talking about Great. And I was talking about my Kickstarter, too, so that was neat.

EP: Good. I’m so glad you’re getting the word out about the Kickstarter. I believe in it. I think we’re going to make the goal. Notice I’m using “we.” I’m obviously very invested in this.

SB: You’re on board! I appreciate that. I really hope so. (Edit: We did!)

EP: I was actually going to ask you about Happy Nice Time People, because you just started that gig, right?

SB: I did. I just started a few weeks ago. I just wanted something steady, because the nature of my career is that—and this is true for a lot of people who freelance—I get a job here, I get a certain amount of money; I get a job here, I get a certain amount of money. I spend a lot of time chasing down checks from different places, and I just thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a steady gig so that it’s not feast or famine all the time?” It’s like I have something that I can rely on. Hopefully one day that’ll be unnecessary because I’ll be so fucking rich, but it seemed like a good idea, and I like the site. It’s fun; I like the content.

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