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The Last Hurrah RETURNS! … Sorta

The Last Hurrah will FINALLY return to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Jan 29th!

But first, an exclusive for our listeners!

Writers’ Night Jan 1 – The Start of The Start of The Rebellion

The Last Hurrah makes its somewhat anticipated return to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Sunday January 29th, so this week we bring on a new element of the podcast… Welcome to writer’s night (or a small portion of it). As we build each show, with more intensity than ever before, we will be sharing a 30 minute glimpse into The Last Hurrah’s Writer’s Night so you can see how we put a show together, tear it apart, and somehow manage to put it together again before the show goes up at the end of the month!

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This edition of the Writers’ Night podcast featured Stephen Craig, IO Duarte, Callan Holderbaum, and Robert Martin.


Let There Be Lando!

It wasn’t until they released the cast list of much anticipated Star Wars Episode VII that I realized how much I loved Lando Calrissian. Billie Dee Williams brought a level of cool to the trilogy that made Han Solo look like a Jive Tauntaun. The coolest thing about Lando was that he managed to remain a rebel while commanding an entire city, because Cloud City was just small enough not to fall under the jurisdiction of the empire. Sure, he double crossed Han, but then he turned around and double crossed the empire, because no one owns Lando.

Now, I’m not too concerned about Lando being left out of Episode VII, after all, he wasn’t in Episode IV. If enough people clamor for it, he’s sure to turn up in Episode VIII, that’s the beauty of social media combined with the white house petition page.

If anything, the real problem stems from Episode III. Why was Lando left out of the prequel trilogy? Luke and Leia made an appearance. In the original trilogy, both Lando and Han refer to Luke as “kid” denoting that they’re both older and cooler than Luke. But they’re older that would mean they existed within the Star Wars universe before Luke. If Episode I featured a naked baby C-3PO, couldn’t Episode III feature Baby Lando?

I think the outrage is long overdue. It’s time we take to social media, and tweet #LetThereBeLando until George Lucas digitally inserts Baby Lando taking apart General Grievous’ body and using it to begin construction on the Millennium Falcon. Then and only then will the prequel trilogy be complete.

Kevin Cole

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