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Starbucks Can’t Spell Merry Christmas

In a viral Facebook post Joshua Feuerstein got really angry with Starbucks for removing Christmas from their festive red cups (“because they hate Jesus”). In an effort to bring Christmas back to Starbucks and stick it to the company, he encouraged customers to give their names as “Merry Christmas” when ordering Starbucks coffee, to force the employees to put Christmas back on the cups. As we all know, Starbucks doesn’t have a great track record at spelling names correctly. Here are all the ways Starbucks will misspell Merry Christmas during this festive season.

  • Mery Christmas
  • Merrychristmas
  • Murry Kristmas
  • Mury Xmas
  • Murray Christamas
  • Merry Crustmas
  • Merry Christmuss
  • Mary Crismas
  • Feliz Navidad
  • Marry Chris
  • May Christmas
  • Happy Kwanza!
  • May & Chris 4 Ever
  • May I Kiss You?
  • Much A do About Nothing
  • More Crust is a Must!
  • May I Christ More?
  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • Happy Hanukah
  • Happy Holidays

Briana Haynie