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The Last Hurrah: Fight Club – This Sunday

April May Poster

This week on The Last Hurrah, Kevin Cole takes a lesson from Tim Seltzer and Steve Younkins (Q2Q Comics) about defending himself, but when things get out of hand will a webbed hero (Spidey Steve aka. Steve Custer) show up to save the day? You’ll have to join the fun this Sunday at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre to find out.

Featuring a special Stand Up performance from Isabel Duarte!

Join us Sunday at 7pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Learn more at LastHurrahLive.com

Announcing The Annual 11

It’s very possible that many of you have begun speculating whether or not The Annual would go on, it had been a while since issue 10. It even seemed as though the month of September had been skipped in it’s entirety. However, The Annual is back baby!


Coming October 21st, our Oct/Nov spectacular hits virtual store shelves and will then be mailed straight to your physical door! This issue features fall fashion tips, halloween costume ideas, an interview with Emily Heller, tributes to Joan Rivers and Robin Williams and so much more. It’s a bimonthly comedic extravaganza that you won’t want to miss! Click here to preorder your copy!

This issue features material from:

Parker Benbow, Isabel Duarte, Amber George, Hannah Gutman, Briana Haynie, David Luna, Andrew Michaels, Buddy Purucker, and Steve Younkins!


Kevin Cole


Emily Perper

Overlooked Back to School Supplies

It’s only human to forget things, but there’s nothing worse than arriving at your first day of school unprepared for classes. Here are some commonly overlooked school supplies compiled by The Annual Staff:

  • Pepper Spray
  • Poop bucket
  • Lice
  • Frozen boogars
  • A seven hundred pound gorilla with a penchant for hugs
  • Dunce Caps
  • Catheters and Colostomy bags.
  • A Netflix account
  • An extra pair of underwear, just in case
  • A three-legged stool to go with the dunce cap
  • Vodka soaked fruit snacks
To the best of my knowledge, each of these items were a forgotten necessity among the following writers:
Parker Benbow | Cullen Dolson | Lily Fryburg | Amber George | Briana Haynie | Steve Younkins
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The Annual #10 Arrives in One Week!



On July 31st The Annual #10 will (finally) arrive, just in time for it to still be considered a July/August issue. This issue is jam packed with material from your favorite Annual writers and a new interview with Sara Benincasa. This issue contains (but is not limited to) up to the minute Bill Murray tracking, a glimpse at an upcoming Pixar movie*, a look into Craigslist, an in-depth breakdown of mystery Doritos flavors, illustrated Campfire stories and so much more! Side effects may include stubbed toes, broken hearts and a realization of one’s own mortality, so preorder The Annual #10 today!

*Upcomins pixar movie in the satirical sense. Pixar movie detailed is in no way being produced by Pixar. We mention this, because Disney is known to be sticklers for their copyrights.

Summer Energy Saving Tips

The biggest problem with the summer seems to be the constant energy consumption. You’ll do anything to stay cool, until the bill arrives. Luckily, we at The Annual have compiled a list of simple ways to keep energy costs down while beating the heat.

  • Unplug your fridge at night, the air naturally cools down once the sun goes down so you won’t need to worry about anything spoiling.
  • Use migrant labor instead of electric fans.
  • Knock large holes in all your exterior walls, and enjoy the cross breeze.
  • Go old school and carry a box fan on your shoulder like a boombox.
  • Sign a pact in phallic blood with Marchosias, mighty archduke of Hell, and be granted the ability to thrive in all temperatures.
  • Instead of wasting your own energy figuring out ways to save energy, just turn on the a/c and listen to ac/dc’s greatest hits.
    (P.s. Best results are found when using a vaporizer while listening).
  •  Plan ahead by harvesting ice during the winter, then use it to insulate your home in the summer.
  • Purchase a summer home on the moon. You must provide your own transportation. Time shares available.
  • Scope out the homes of older couples going on vacation. Move into home, and tell neighbors that your great-aunt and uncle who previously inhabited the house died in a freak accident. Replace all photographs in the home with pictures of yourself and your cat. Alternately, for more sustainable use, scope out the homes of older couples who may kick the bucket soon.

Compiled by Parker Benbow, Kevin Cole, Nicolas Contreras, Isabel Duarte, David Luna, and Steve Younkins

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