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Tonight on The Last Hurrah!

–We’re melding charity and comedy this week! During the show we will collect blankets to donate to the Frederick Community Action Agency! So bring a blanket and get ready for some laughs!–

We know what you’re all thinking, didn’t Mumps the Dying Turkey y’know, die? Well he left behind an egg and that grew into yet another dying turkey!

Join our incredible annual Thanksgiving show for a night of comedy, pilgrims, and antibiotic-free poultry! Featuring special guests:  Karli Cole, Lydia Hadfield, Callan Holderbaum, Matt Kline, Christine McQuaid, Lia Seltzer and possibly more!

The Last Hurrah returns with a fresh and free comedy special on Nov 22nd at 7pm! Bring your friends, bring your family and for crying out loud, bring a side dish.