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Tonight is your final chance to witness The Annual Live 2

IMG_5645 IMG_5672 IMG_5714 IMG_5755Tonight at 9pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre!

If you’re still not sold, watch Kevin discuss the project on Fox 45 Weekends.

The Annual Live 2 premieres tonight!

FREDERICK, MD (June 20, 2014) – Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) is proud to present the second installment of the comedy variety show, The Annual Live 2: The Sequeling.  Join The Annual Live cast as a they find themselves in the middle of a heated Twitter campaign to cancel their show following a sketch that is unfit for press releases. In an attempt to straighten out the show’s host (Kevin Cole) and the rest of the staff (Lisa Burl, Colleen Kelly, and Scott Travers) the network places a call to the convent to bring Karli Cole, the former co-host and current nun, to whip them into shape. Meanwhile, facing exile, Andrew Michaels, the show’s sad sack, is forced to find love, someone who will look past every awkward and unlovable thing about him and take care of him for life. It’s a comedic adventure that can safely be called The Larry Sanders Show meets Nunense meets Everybody Loves Raymond meets The Glass Menagerie,if none of those sound appealing then one might just want to stay in for the night.

MET Company Member Kevin Cole, who will be familiar to MET audiences from Laugh Station and Pickle My Monkey directs the Annual Live 2. It is written by Annual writers Kevin Cole, Andrew Michaels, and Scott Travers, and will feature cast members (Lisa Burl, Karli Cole, Kevin Cole, Caitlyn Joy, Colleen Kelly, Andrew Michaels, Scott Travers) playing fictional versions of themselves as they prepare to clean up their act and attempt to create an accessible show.

The Annual Live 2 originates from The Annual, a locally run, bimonthly humor magazine featuring much of the same talent. Their tenth issue is slated to be released in mid July.

Maryland Ensemble Theatre will present The Annual Live as part of its MET-X series. MET-X is MET’s programming, usually self-produced by Ensemble Members, outside of MET’s Mainstage season.  Performances are June 27 & 28 at 9:00 p.m. at Maryland Ensemble Theatre (31 W Patrick St. Frederick) located in the historic FSK Hotel.  Tickets are $11.50 (includes all ticketing fees) and may be purchased by phone at (301) 694-4744, online at marylandensemble.org, or in person at the MET box office.


 Starring: Lisa Burl, Karli Cole, Kevin Cole, Caitlyn Joy, Colleen Kelly, Andrew Michaels, Scott Travers

 Directed by: Kevin Cole

 Written by: Kevin Cole, Andrew Michaels and Scott Travers

 Stage Manager: Emily Perper

 Where:  Maryland Ensemble Theatre, 31 West Patrick Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701

 Dates:  June 27 & 28, 2014 at 9pm.

 Ticket Prices:  $10 ($1.50 service fee)

 Box Office: 301-694-4744 or marylandensemble.org or at the MET Box Office

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: The Annual Returns to The Stage!

One year ago we brought you The Annual Live an original full length show within a show at The Maryland Ensemble Theatre, and now we’re back with more!


June 27 & 28 at 9pm

Following a disastrous #CancelAnnual campaign the cast and crew of The Annual Live band together to put on a “family friendly” program while under the watchful eye of Standards and Practices. Meanwhile, Andrew Michaels (the local sad sack) is cast out of the group and left as alone in the world. In an effort to restore balance, the gang attempts to “Glass Menagerie” him and find a woman that will love him for at least an hour to 90 minutes.

The Annual Live 2: The Sequeling  will take place at The Maryland Ensemble Theatre (41 West Patrick St. Frederick, MD).

Tickets: $11.50 Click here to purchase yours!

RSVP on Facebook!

If you need any more reason to get excited here’s an official promo video:

Click here to watch The Annual Live Ep. 1

But that’s not the end of The Annual’s live run:

Last Hurrah Concept

Sundays at 7pm starting July 6th

The Last Hurrah is a new weekly show, the first to be featured at The MET’s Stage 2. Every week, Kevin Cole will be joined by a panel of Annual writers and special guests to discuss the events of the weeks, their own lives and whatever else comes to mind. Panel discussions will be broken up by special appearances from local stand ups, improv and sketch groups. Best of all, it’s completely FREE and each episode will be released in podcast form the following day. There’s no telling what will happen from week to week, but it’s sure to be a good time that’ll have you home before Game of Thrones… or whatever TV show is big that week.

No need to pick up tickets for this one folks, just show up!

Guests and Panelists have not been finalized for the first show, but you can check it out on Facebook by clicking here.

The Annual Live (ep. 1) NOW ONLINE!

The Annual Live took the Maryland Ensemble stage earlier this month and it is now ready to be viewed in it’s entirety!

Join The Annual Live as co-host Karli Cole decides it’s time to call it quits, move to Italy and take up with the Vatican, leaving her brother and remaining co-host Kevin Cole and the rest of The Annual staff to give her a fitting send off. Meanwhile the fate of The Annual Live hangs in balance as studio execs debate how well the show will hold its own without her. It’s a final farewell that brings forth the cross between The Larry Sanders Show and Sonny and Cher that no one asked for! So look forward to sketches, musical performances, and a special appearance from the Laugh Station crew!

Written and Directed by:

Kevin Cole

Stripper Sketch:

Andrew Michaels

Fast Food Award Show:

Briana Haynie

Opening Monologue:

Kevin Cole | Scott Travers | Andrew Michaels

Laugh Station:

Matt Lee | Brian Artusio

Special Musical Guest:

Faceless Ones


Lisa Burl | Kevin Cole | Karli Cole | Colleen Kelly

Matt Lee | David Luna | Andrew Michaels | Scott Travers

(As themselves)


David Luna | Buddy Purucker

Stage Manager:

Geoff Huntoon

Laugh Station visits The Annual Live

The Annual Live Episode #1 featured special guest Laugh Station. Their upcoming show, Laugh Station: Flux! runs this weekend (July 26th and 27th at 9pm) at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre! Check out this clip of their performance and the interview that followed, then head over to marylandensemble.org and purchase your ticket to this outrageous show!

Laugh Station: Matt Lee
Hosts: Kevin & Karli Cole
Video: Alex Richardson
Edited by: Kevin Cole
Opening Animation: David Luna & Buddy Purucker

Time Master design: Joe Colliver

Hip-hop beat: Joe Colliver and Trevor Marin

The Annual Live (musical preview)

There’s a lot happening at The Annual Live, Faceless Ones will be performing BOTH nights as will Laugh Station. But most importantly the only way to make sense of this, is to come and see it yourself!

The show is July 5th and 6th at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, tickets can be ordered here: