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Crying at the Movies: The Peanuts Movie

Crying at the Movies is a series of essays in which Annual staffers delve into the films that have made them cry—why they cried, what was going on in their lives at the time. Which is all to say, there will be spoilers. Maybe a dog died, maybe two characters got together—just don’t come crying to us when we write an essay about crying when the shark blew up at the end of Jaws.

The Peanuts Movie

It’s safe to say we all have a history with Peanuts; the numbers born into a world pre-Schulz decrease by the day. It’s a morbid thought, but this is a series about crying, so toughen up!

My obsession with Peanuts began late in my college career when I briefly transitioned from idolizing Jim Henson to obsessing over Charles Schulz. I amassed a small collection of The Complete Peanuts books, and I watched a PBS documentary. I cried at the end when Schulz died, which my then-roommate chastised me over: “Guess what happens to the subjects of most biographies?”

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