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Top Ten Moments from David Letterman’s 69th Birthday

This week David Letterman, enjoying the throws of retirement, turned 69 years old. Which means it’s time for this week’s Top Ten!

10. Begrudgingly eating lunch with the wife and kids
9. Retreating to the forest to be free
8. Stalking local wildlife to find a truly formidable opponent
7. Wrestling a papa grizzly bear into submission
6. Sucker punching momma grizzly and taking her cubs
5. Making the cubs fight and naming the victor Paul Shaffer
4. Dropping a watermelon off the roof of City Hall!
3. Rematch with momma grizzly on the basketball court
2. Hunting for dinner with Paul Shaffer, violently ripping apart a woodland creature with his bare hands and pre-chewing Shaffer’s portions
1. Chocolate cake!
Kevin Cole