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Frederick Gets Great Again!

A while back we wrote that our Editor-In-Chief wrote a play… A post-apocalyptic Our Town for the Trump presidency. A show titled Great Again. Here’s the latest update!

Alright folks, here’s the big update about GREAT AGAIN!

Do you want to see what the world could look like four years into a Trump presidency? Do you want to see satire that goes beyond the orange hue of Trump’s skin and a bad toupee? Well you’ve got ONE CHANCE (before the election).

On Monday Nov 7th (election eve) we’ll be hosting a staged reading of Great Again at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre at 8pm! We’ve got a hell of cast that you won’t want to miss:

Donald Trump: Jack Evans
Ben Carson: Ray Hatch
Ted Cruz: Thom Huenger
Vladimir Putin: Reiner Prochaska
Paul Manafort: Sonny Etzler
Kellyanne Conway: Laura Stark
Ivanka Trump: IO Duarte

Don’t miss your chance to see what it really means to make America great again!

A Biography Calculated to Drive You MAD – An Interview with Bill Schelly

In 2015 Bill Schelly completed HARVEY KURTZMAN: The Man Who Created MAD And Revolutionized Humor In America a book which he spent four years writing. Harvey Kurtzman may not be a household name, but his creations certainly are, and Schelly outlines their importance as such:

[MAD created] satire of popular culture figures, political figures, products, the consumerism that was rampant after [WWII]. Everybody had to have their new toasters or cars with fins or whatever. Satires of consumerism is one of the major things that MAD did, of course this was picked up by Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons and everything else. Harvey Kurtzman’s influence in humor is incredibly important… Think about it like this, here you are, some kid in a little town in the south. Yet, a magazine that’s really subversive can reach you at your little corner store, and every kid can get this for ten cents. It slipped completely under the radar and was available for purchase to a million people, every issue. It’s quite an interesting way of getting underneath the repressive forces of society.

We recently spoke to Bill Schelly about the journey of chronicling Harvey Kurtzman’s life and massive catalogue of work.

Kurtzman and Bill

What in your personal life brought to you Harvey Kurtzman prior to writing the biography?

I’m a baby boomer that grew up in 60s, so I’m an old guy that was exposed to MAD coming after Harvey Kurtzman had left. But in the early 60s they were reprinting a lot of his issues in the MAD paperbacks. A lot of those paperbacks were brought home by my brother and then by me, so I was reading comics created by Kurtzman and his collaborators when I was a kid. As I got older, I started reading Little Annie Fanny in Playboy; when you’re going through puberty it’s particularly… interesting. As I got older, and seriously interested in comics, I started reading some of his actual issues of MAD that I got my hands on, and his more serious work in war comics.

As you note in the book, they took Harvey Kurtzman’s name out of the reprints in the paperbacks. Did you seek out his work specifically, or did you notice a theme in what you enjoyed through life and in his work?

I got involved in the early stages of Comics fandom in the 60s and people were researching who did the old comics; many of them weren’t signed. I found out that Kurtzman had done those MAD paperbacks that I so enjoyed. I started connecting the dots between that and Little Annie Fanny and his other works. Suddenly, I realized this guy had done tremendous work that I really loved and was superior to others around him, so I realized this was a pretty remarkable person and started seeking out more of his work.

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Trump’s Most Recent Bowel Movement

Recently, Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton’s bathroom break during the Democratic Debate as “disgusting.” Commentators have been quick to judge Trump without knowing his personal experience on the matter. The following is a minute by minute timeline of his most recent bowel movement:

May 31, 2005 4:47 pm: Donald Trump takes a small swig of water during an Apprentice boardroom taping when his stomach makes a slight gurgle.

5:04 pm: Stomach rumbles intensify.

5:10 pm: Sounds emitting from the depths of Trump’s bowels make it impossible to continue the day’s taping without causing audio issues. The director pauses the shoot and Trump taps a small button hidden under the the boardroom table.

5:11 pm: Trump rises from his chair, a small fart squeaks through his butt cheeks.

5:13 pm: Trump storms through the halls of Trump tower, gently cropdusting the golden shag carpet beneath his feet. The clock is ticking.

5:14 pm: Trump, alone, enters the Executive Boardroom. He lays a finger on a thumbprint scanner and a bookcase descends to reveal the Executive Bathing Suite. Lined wall to wall in ivory tile made from the tusks of elephants hunted by his own sons, a solid gold shitter sits across from him.

5:14:52 pm: Letting out a sigh of relief, one last fart escapes his buttocks. A turd the size of a pearl exits with it.

5:14:54 pm: With very little time left, Trump drops his slacks and sits upon his throne.

5:15:01 pm: The Purge begins.

7:38 pm: Out of breath and hoarse of voice, the last of Trump’s leavings fill the bowl.

7:39 pm: Trump taps a small call bell sitting in the space typically reserved for toilet paper.

7:40 pm: Eight well prepped butlers enter the room, they’ve been waiting for this day. Hoisting Trump to his feet, they take shifts chiseling away at the product of a hard day’s work with the finest silk.

8:02 pm: The clean up is nearly completed as a ninth butler enters to act as a human bidet.

8:04 pm: The nine butlers are taken out back and shot behind Trump Tower to rid the world of witnesses. A new batch will be selected through a future reality program. The silks are sent to a dry cleaner in Chinatown.

8:45 pm: Trump returns to his peaceful slumber, it will be twenty years before another incident.

Kevin Cole