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Last Hurrah – Twelfth Night Preview

Twelfth Night opens at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre this weekend with a western twist. A few weeks back director Tim Seltzer visited The Last Hurrah to chat about the production. You can hear all about it in the clip above or click here to listen to the full episode!

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Ep. 14 – Of Manjos and Mothmen



Episode 14 of The Last Hurrah is now online! You can click the picture above to listen!

This weekend came to a close with a discussion of Monsters from Mothman to Bigfoots. Kevin was joined by Christine McQuaid and Giovanni Kavota to discuss the creatures. Tim Seltzer stopped by to give us a sneak peak at Twelfth Night. Christine and Gio performed some original work and we even got to show off a real life monster (Jame McGarvey).


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