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One week until our Colin Mochrie Interview

On Tuesday, July 16th Whose Line is it Anyway? will return to television. The following morning we will post our exclusive interview with Colin Mochrie from The Annual #4! Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

David Luna: What is your earliest memory?

Colin Mochrie: I was playing with a girl named Mary Brown in Scotland. I think she was my first crush. I was probably around 3. She never calls.


DL: In improv, have there been train wrecks or cringe worthy moments that you’ve witnessed or gone through that stand out in your memory?

CM: Absolutely, but the beauty with improv is it’s gone. Once you do it you’re onto the next thing because your mind is going 100 miles and hour just trying to keep things going.

DL: Now, where did your reverence for nature come from?

CM: I have no idea. My people are not nature people. It’s not like we ever went camping or anything. I enjoy the outdoors. When I wanted to be a marine biologist, under the sea always fascinated me. I just loved, and I still love, going under water and just having that peace. Even though it’s teaming with life, there’s a peace and quiet that you don’t get on the surface.

You can order your copy of The Annual #4 and read the full interview the second it arrives in your mailbox

(or you could wait a week for us to post the whole thing, but you’d really be missing out on a great issue if you didn’t order yourself a copy).

Annual #4 Now Available!


The Annual’s long anticipated IMPROV ISSUE (also known as Issue #4) has arrived!

It’s jam packed with some great material. An exclusive interview with Colin Mochrie, an Oral History of Sea Tea Improv, and special contributions from Improvisors Thomas Scholtes, Greg Yates, Stephen Kadwell and Just ‘Chute Me. To sweeten the deal, you’ll find plenty of original material from The Annual’s dedicated staff of writers. So much material that some of it had to be save for Issue #5! Give it a read and learn about mosquitos, summer movies and the best ways to handle awkward situations. All this and more in The Annual #4!

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Annual #4!

Issue 4cover

The time has come to prepare yourselves for The Annual #4, our special Improv issue and it’s FILLED with some great content! Whose Line is it Anyway? returns to television and we’ve got an exclusive interview with Colin Mochrie as well as part 1 of an Oral History of Sea Tea Improv and special contributions for improvisors Stephen Kadwell, Thomas Scholtes, Greg Yates, and Just ‘Chute Me! The fun doesn’t end there as Andrew Michaels tells us how to best handle awkward affairs, Cullen Dolson interviews a real mosquito expert, and Emily Perper tells us how to handle the pesky question of “What are you going to do next?” All this and more in The Annual #4!

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