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The Annual #9 Now Available for PREORDER!

Annual9CoverComing May 8th: The Annual #9! It’s a date that has many asking, “Why not release The Annual #9 on May 9?” The answer: We want you to be happy as soon as possible, and there’s a lot to be happy about our newest issue:

Nico’s Drink of the Month comes unhinged as birthday festivities ensue. Q2Q Comics creator Steve Younkins teams with Amber George for their newest comic strip, Doomsday Sandwich. We unveil our very first topical characters: Borisnakov and Natalia. And David Luna chats with Whose Line Is It Anyway star Brad Sherwood. We’ve got food pyramids, a break-up letter to your bangs, ways to impress your date and so much more!

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It’s guaranteed to be the ONLY magazine where you’ll find

a picture of Brad Sherwood

riding in his rocket chariot

being pulled by his Rottweilers

in hellhound form

in space.

Contributing Writers/Artists:

Parker Benbow | Kevin Cole | Nicolas Contreras | Lily Fryburg | Amber George | Stuart Gunter | Hannah Gutman | Briana Haynie | David Luna | Andrew Michaels | Damon Norko | Emily Perper | Buddy Purucker | Kate Sidley | Cassie Schaeffer | Kelsey Sartory | Steve Younkins

Annual #4 Cover Concept


David Luna tossed around a few concepts for the cover of The Annual #4. Here’s one of the two we didn’t use. The concept, similar to the chaos of our actual cover, occurs in hell with the cast Whose Line performing for a crowd of the damned.

Whose Line is it Anyway? airs Tuesdays 8 (EST) on the CW.

You can read our full interview with Colin Mochrie here.

You can use the code “WHOSELINE” to get $2 off The Annual #4!

Colin Mochrie

He was valedictorian at his high school, because he is flawless.  He is an improvisational comedian, and his brilliance has illuminated The Second City and the British and American incarnations of Whose Line Is It Anyway. Everything this man touches turns to gold. Though for most of our readers, he needs no introduction. This man is…


David Luna: What is your earliest memory?

Colin Mochrie: I was playing with a girl named Mary Brown in Scotland. I think she was my first crush. I was probably around 3. She never calls.

DL: Growing up, who or what made you laugh the most?

CM: My family wasn’t very funny. They’re Scottish, and their humor tends to be quite morbid. I guess my grandfather. He had a good sense of humor. He was a joke teller. He loved telling stories, so it would probably be him. But everyone else was pretty dark.

DL: As you might know, Alexander Graham Bell was another Canadian born in Scotland. Are there any non-comedian historical figures that you revere with great passion, a figure that might inspire you?

CM: I’ve often been fascinated with people like Columbus or Magellan, these people who head out not knowing exactly where to, with some vague sort of goal in mind, but ending up somewhere totally different, sailing a world that they think is flat and could fall off the edge. It’s almost like improvising, except we’re never in any kind of mortal danger.

DL: Do you have a thirst for adventure, or are you a bit more sessile?

CM: I enjoy adventure in the grand sense of the word (going out, doing something I’ve never done before, going places I’ve never been). But, you know, climbing mountains or jumping out of planes, ehhh, no, not really.

DL: Will there be anything new that we might not expect with the return of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

CM: I don’t really know much about it except Ryan, Wayne, and I are doing it for sure, an improviser named Heather Campbell is doing it, and Aisha Tyler is hosting. So it’s nice that there’s actually women involved this time, so it will take some of the pressure off me.

Continue reading Colin Mochrie

The Annual #4 Cover Concept


David Luna tossed around a few concepts for the cover of The Annual #4. Here’s one of the two we didn’t use. The concept, similar to the chaos of our actual cover, occurs in outer space with the cast Whose Line performing for an extraterrestrial audience.

Whose Line is it Anyway? makes its long awaited return to television tonight at 8 (EST) on the CW.

Our interview with Colin Mochrie will be online tomorrow morning.

You can use the code “WHOSELINE” to get $2 off The Annual #4!

Whose Discount is it Anyway?


On Tuesday, July 16th, Whose Line Is It Anyway? will make its much anticipated return to television. As many of you know, The Annual #4 features an exclusive interview with long-time cast member Colin Mochrie.

This week, we are celebrating the return of Whose Line and the previously mention interview by sharing three pieces from The Annual #4! But the fun doesn’t end there. For the entire week you can save $2 on The Annual #4 by using the code “WHOSELINE” at checkout. It’s a great deal for Whose Line fans, Improv fans, or anyone who likes comedy! Purchase your copy today!

Annual #4 Now Available!


The Annual’s long anticipated IMPROV ISSUE (also known as Issue #4) has arrived!

It’s jam packed with some great material. An exclusive interview with Colin Mochrie, an Oral History of Sea Tea Improv, and special contributions from Improvisors Thomas Scholtes, Greg Yates, Stephen Kadwell and Just ‘Chute Me. To sweeten the deal, you’ll find plenty of original material from The Annual’s dedicated staff of writers. So much material that some of it had to be save for Issue #5! Give it a read and learn about mosquitos, summer movies and the best ways to handle awkward situations. All this and more in The Annual #4!

As an added bonus, since our July issue arrived BEFORE JULY we are offering

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