Marry Me Returns: Two (and a half) Years Later

Over two years ago we quietly ceased publication of the internet’s preeminent marriage advice podcast (Marry Me). Well, last summer Kevin Cole, Susan Daughtry and Cullen Dolson reunited for a very special episode. That episode sat on Kevin’s computer for a number of months and has finally hit the airwaves!

You can click the image above to go to our itunes page and download the latest episode or you can stream the episode here.

So check your unrefreshed iTunes subscriptions for the return of Marry Me and if you want the show to come back on a regular basis we’re soliciting real marriage advice questions. No more inquiries as to how to throw an affordable wedding, we need some real dilemmas. If you’re worried about your spouse finding out that you asked a question, you can always ask anonymously.

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President Trump Vows to Give Up Denouncing Anti-Semitism for Lent

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an executive order, which many are calling a clear violation of the separation of church and state, President Donald Trump declared he would give up the act of denouncing anti-Semitism for Lent.

“The touchy-feely Anne Frank Center may think I’m not tough on anti-Semitism, but I’m about to show those Jews what fighting hate really looks like,” Trump announced in a brief statement to the press. “Anyone can give up chocolate for Lent. Easy. What I plan to do is going to be very tough for this administration. Recently, I’ve felt like I could denounce a different act of anti-Semitism daily, but for the next 40 days I’ve chosen not to. As we get closer to Passover, I’m sure this will become a very difficult task, but I am doing it to prove my dedication to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews. And he really was, ask any rabbi, they’ll tell you.”

President Trump went on to explain how much he would like to speak out about the recent string of attacks against the Jewish community, if it were not in violation of his religious freedom.

High-ranking members of the administration, including Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Jeff Sessions, were notably eager to join the President in his 40 day fast.

“I can’t imagine doing more to help the Jews,” Bannon noted with a glint of joy in his eye as he took credit for helping draft the latest executive order.

“Who says this Lent thing has to be 40 days—maybe if goes well, we’ll make it 80,” he added.

One element of the order that has drawn harsh criticism is the President’s call for the FBI to cease its investigations into anti-Semitic hate crimes, notably the recent vandalism at historic Jewish cemeteries and bomb threats made to Jewish Community Centers across the nation. When asked about this element of the order, Press Secretary Sean Spicer became notably hostile.

“No one is telling the FBI to cease investigations!” Spicer snapped “We’re simply asking them to dial it back and focus on God for once. If someone should spray-paint a swastika on a synagogue door, we ask that instead of launching an investigation, the FBI simply ask God for help.”

He went on to clarify that after the 40 day fasting period, the FBI could return to investigating any hate crimes they happened to remember, as they are not to log the crimes committed during Lent. 

An unnamed source close to both the administration and the church noted that Trump also intends to give up golden showers for the duration of Lent. He is noticeably more concerned about that.

The Last Hurrah Finds Love THIS SUNDAY

The Last Hurrah is returning to Maryland Ensemble Theatre this Sunday at 7pm to bring back the free comedy to cap off your month. Whether February brought an incredible Valentine’s or an incredibly disappointing Valentine’s this month’s show is sure to have something for everyone! So join us at 31 West Patrick St. Frederick MD on Sunday Feb.26, 7pm for a show unlike any other!


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The Last Hurrah Starts The Rebellion – LIVE January 2017

Kick off your February with the newest live episode of The Last Hurrah!

Starting the Rebellion – LIVE January 2017

Live for the first time in months, The Last Hurrah is back and their fired up about the nightmare world we seem to find ourselves spiraling into. Catch up on how everyone’s handling it, and then take a break with a special performance from The Comedy Pigs!

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The Last Hurrah will return to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Feb 26th, but check back here for writers’ night episodes as we build the next show!